Fact Check: NC House Republicans' Claims on House Bill 370

Republicans' claims are more about fear-mongering and defending Trump's policies than protecting communities.

In an August 1st interview with WUNC, N.C House Speaker Tim Moore said the House would vote on H370 once “rhetoric” on immigration “calm[ed] down.” Instead, Moore waited until ICE issued a press release attacking Mecklenburg Sherriff Garry McFadden.

The GOP’s claims about H370 are more about fear-mongering and defending the Trump administration’s unconstitutional immigration policies than about protecting communities. Having not learned their lesson from HB2, Republican leaders in Raleigh are again trying to meddle in local issues to energize their base by discriminating against North Carolinians. Advocacy groups across a broad range of issues, business leaders still concerned about HB2’s lasting impacts on the state, faith leaders, and local elected officials all say this bill makes N.C. more discriminatory and less safe.

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While we’ve been waiting on Tim Moore to realize he doesn’t have the budget votes, House Republicans keep failing North Carolinians on health care.

Last week Rep. Brandon Lofton (D-Mecklenburg) tried to amend an omnibus health care bill that changes several laws regulating different aspects of the broad health care industry. His amendment, which would have increased price transparency for prescription drugs, was ruled out of order. 

At a time when drug prices for many North Carolinians are skyrocketing, Republicans voted down one method of mitigating increased costs.
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Video: Rep. Cecil Brockman is a political strategist, that’s why he’s siding with Republicans on health care and education in his safe Democratic district

At a High Point, NC, town hall meeting last week Rep. Cecil Brockman (D-Guilford) shared with voters that he was a “political strategist” before being elected to the NC House. Brockman then cited his strategist background as the reason he plans to join Republicans in overriding Governor Cooper’s veto of their budget. 

Brockman represents a safe Democratic House seat. In House District 60 (Guilford county), nearly 52 percent of registered voters in the district are Democrats and Brockman won reelection in 2018 with 69 percent of the vote. Prior to 2018 no Republican had run for HD60 since 2010

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Just days after the El Paso shooting Pat McCrory compared his HB2 protestors to “the Klan times two”

This past Sunday, ex-Governor Pat McCrory chose to go on Meet the Press not even 48 hours after the white supremacist massacre in El Paso and center himself in the wake of the deadliest attack targeting Mexican immigrants in modern US History. Supposedly there to discuss how the nation should address gun safety and white nationalism, McCrory, in a cynical display of whataboutism, expressed that “the Left” was just as violent as right-wing white nationalist groups and cited his personal experience with anti-HB2 protesters to back up this claim.

The next day on his radio talk show, McCrory addressed his controversial Meet the Press claims. He doubled down on his accusations that “the Left” is just as dangerous as white supremacist terrorists, and claimed that antifa members, who McCrory alleges attacked his taxi following President Trump’s inauguration, “were like the Klan times two.” There was wide coverage of protesters heckling McCrory at the inauguration over his involvement in the discriminatory HB2 bathroom bill, but no reports that protesters were members of antifa. Furthermore, no mainstream media reports of the taxi attack exist. 

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Sen. Tillis and Sen. Burr care more about the NRA than the safety of North Carolinians

Out of 100 US Senators, both of North Carolina’s are in the top three for receiving the most NRA contributions. Sen. Richard Burr and Sen. Thom Tillis received almost $7 million and $4.4 million from the NRA, respectively, according to Public Citizen. In the wake of two mass shootings in Dayton, OH and El Paso, TX,  calls for gun safety reform are increasing. Unfortunately, it is hard to believe Burr or Tillis will betray their financiers and vote for commonsense gun safety reforms.

Tillis recently spoke in support of ‘red flag’ laws, a widely supported method of increasing gun safety, but it’s difficult to imagine he’d take real action on the issue based on his long, twisted history with the NRA.

In 2015, Tillis published an op-ed in the Washington Times graciously thanking the NRA for helping him get elected to the US Senate. In the article, Tillis reaffirms his dedication to gun rights and commitment to prevent any perceived adulteration of the Second Amendment. According to a report published in Politico, the NRA circumvented campaign finance regulations by creating a shell company to donate even more money to Tillis’s Senate campaign.

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NCGA Republicans refuse to even consider commonsense gun laws

Two more mass shootings in El Paso, TX, and Dayton, Ohio, over the weekend brought into sharp relief the failure of North Carolina Republicans to make commonsense changes to gun laws. Democrats filed two such bills this session, but Republicans refuse to allow votes on both. Instead of working to guarantee all North Carolinians can shop, worship, or simply exist without fear of being shot, Republicans have prioritized staying in the pocket of the NRA. The NRA is notorious for working hard to stifle gun violence research and has a rich history of supporting NC Republicans in order to influence policy.

Republicans refused to even hold a vote on commonsense gun safety measures. 
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2020 NCGA Retirement Tracker

A running list of NC House and Senate members who will not be seeking reelection in 2020. Updated regularly.

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Races to Watch: 2019 Midyear Campaign Finance

Midyear campaign finance reports for 2019 were due July 26. Here we've aggreggated totals for candidates and incumbents featured in our 2020 Races to Watch Preview.

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After Justice Newby echoes Trump’s “send them back” message, Berger Jr. seeks to further politicize “boring” judicial races.

In a concurring opinion released recently, NC Court of Appeals Judge Berger, a Republican, wanted to clarify something he felt his colleagues left out of their ruling. Judicial candidates, like Phil Berger , Jr, follow a code that prevents them from taking specific stances on issues likely to show up in their courtrooms. Berger thinks this makes judicial races “boring.” Apparently, Berger wants to keep “boring” rules out of other political races.

Berger’s assertion that judicial races are boring comes a week after NC Supreme Court Justice Paul Newby took heat for an aggressive critique of his the other members of the Supreme Court. Newby, in trying to criticize his colleagues for being too partisan, strayed widely from the norm in judicial races in making an extreme partisan attack that the Greensboro News & Record called “a new low.” Berger’s opinion reads as though he wants this type of attack to become the norm. 

Berger, a candidate for NC Supreme Court, wrote that “Commissioner races will become as boring as judicial races” if candidates are held to their campaign promises. Berger worried that Judges Tyson and McGee’s ruling would give candidates the impression they could be held accountable for what they say on the campaign trail.

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Lt. Dan is offended by women's underwear, but not President Trump's "history" with lingerie

Despite co-founding a nonprofit that deducts points from companies for not “respect[ing] and valu[ing] our biblically based worldview” Lt. Gov. Dan Forest supports Donald Trump, a man who certainly would not receive a high score. Forest’s nonprofit, Faith Driven Consumer (FDC), rated companies based on their religious practices on a scale of 0 to 100. Forest’s “Christian” offense at images of women in lingerie feels disingenuous when compared with Trump’s record. A record that Forest has worked hard to align himself closely with.

According to a NC Policy Watch report, Forest’s conservative Christian nonprofit told consumers to stay away from Sears because the store’s catalogue included photos of women wearing lingerie. Forest, however, has worked hard to align his campaign for governor with President Donald Trump despite Trump’s storied history with lingerie and the people who wear it. Trump was accused of sexual assault in the lingerie department of an upscale department store in New York City, where he asked a woman to try on lingerie (in addition to several other women accusing Trump of sexual assault). Trump owned the Miss USA pageant in 2010 when he defended Miss USA sharing photos in lingerie. In 2017 Ivanka Trump submitted a trademark request for a lingerie company.

Recently, Forest bragged about a shout-out from Trump at the Greenville, NC, rally where Trump supporters shouted “send her back” in reference to Rep. Illhan Omar (D-MN). Trump also verbally attacked other Democratic women in Congress.

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