An Update Regarding Real Facts NC

After six years of producing research on key North Carolina issues and holding public officials accountable, Real Facts NC has paused operations as we conduct an evaluation of our work and seek input from partners. Thanks for your patience.

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2020 Races to Watch: 4th Quarter Reports

2020 fourth quarter reports were due January 12, 2020. They cover October 18 through the end of 2020. Here we've aggregated Election to Date totals for candidates on our 2020 Races to Watch list as well as key statewide races. Check out the NC State Board of Elections for more reprots and data. 

KEY: Candidates in bold won election or re-election in November 2020. 

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2020 Races to Watch: 3rd Quarter Reports

2020 third quarter campaign finance reports are due October 27, 2020. They cover July 1, 2020 through October 17, 2020. Here we've aggregated Election to Date totals for candidates on our 2020 Races to Watch list as well as key statewide races. Check out the NC State Board of Elections for more reports and data.

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Rural Health Care in Crisis: Expanding Medicaid would help keep rural hospitals open and rural communities healthy

As of Friday, 33 percent of new COVID-19 infections in North Carolina were in rural counties. As cases spike in rural areas, both nationwide and in North Carolina, health care disparities have again entered the spotlight.

A study conducted by the Robert Woods Johnson Foundation, NPR and Harvard University School of Public Health found that almost one quarter of rural households are unable to get medical are when they need it. Additionally, the study found the need for quality care is greater in rural areas. “More than half of rural households (53%) report anyone in their household is living with a chronic illness, while 42% report anyone in their household is at high risk for developing serious illness from COVID-19 due to their age or underlying medical conditions.”

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State Treasurer Dale Folwell: Reckless and Uncaring

Do you know what the state treasurer does or who he is?

Republican Dale Folwell frequently made the news during his first term as state treasurer for his recklessnessand incompetence. His poor management of the state pension fund could cost teachers, retired state employees and taxpayers more than $350 million in tax returns. He offered a COVID-19 testing contract to a company that lied about its technology without speaking to any other companies. In both instances, Folwell ignored the advice of professional staff and hired unqualified friends to run crucial programs.

Additionally, Folwell’s tenure as treasurer has been marked by his determination to deny North Carolinians basic rights like access to health care and safe, secure housing.

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Beware of websites that mimic local news but push misleading content

Metric Media has nearly 40 NC-based outposts, many pushing content on financial contributors to state legislative and other candidates.

Nearly 40 websites purporting to be hyperlocal news, some with their own Facebook pages, have popped up across North Carolina. They bear unassuming names like “Outer Banks Times” and “South Raleigh News,” but upon further examination, the content is decidedly strange. 

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2020 Legislative Races to Watch: August Update

2020 is shaping up to be one of the most pivotal legislative elections in North Carolina history. Democrats have a clear path to win majorities in both chambers of the legislature after historic pickups last cycle broke Republican supermajorities. With a decennial census and subsequent redistricting coming up, control of the legislature will impact not only the next two years, but also the next decade of North Carolina policy. Competitive races for Governor and a US Senate seat are gaining significant media attention and the state is becoming a key presidential battleground. In totality, these races represent major change from last cycle’s blue moon election with no top of the ticket races.

This report highlights the 24 House and 14 Senate districts most likely to be competitive this cycle. This assessment incorporates candidate fundraising information where available, detailed analysis of new legislative districts (including past Democratic performance and demographic information), and other qualitative data about each candidate.

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15 Legislative Actions That Leave North Carolina Workers Disenfranchised

On July 20th North Carolina workers joined workers across the nation to Strike for Black Lives. Though the strike itself only spanned a single day, the demands are still available and applicable. The demands set forth by this strike would benefit all North Carolinians - though they originate…

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