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Competing lawsuits on HB2

There were three competing federal lawsuits filed over HB2 on May 9. Here are the full documents for each suit. U.S. Department of Justice v NC McCrory v US DOJ NCGA v USDOJ

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North Carolina’s reputation and economy suffers after McCrory signed HB2 into law

Governor McCrory signed HB2, as a result, many major US corporations, including Apple, Google, Twitter, American Airlines have publically condemned this decision. The backlash from the business and sports communities has been overwhelming and swift. Here are the facts: IBM, a large North …

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McCrory’s evolving stories on HB2 discrimination bill

Immediate Action: McCrory threatened “immediate state legislative intervention” before passage of Charlotte ordinance. (Charlotte Observer, 2/22/16) It can wait: McCrory said lawmakers should wait until short session in late April to deal with Charlotte Ordinance …

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McCrory’s misleads on HB2

We’re pretty confident this page will have to be updated frequently… McCrory’s HB2 claims contain “several factual problems” and “a blatant untruth”. (WRAL, 3/28/16; Charlotte Observer, Editorial, 3/28/16) McCrory “wrong” when…

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McCrory has used the same “fear” rhetoric on HB2 he now criticizes

McCrory responded “not a fear” when asked  “what is your fear? as you know, there is a misconception that transgendered are somehow molesters.” “Kelly pressed McCrory several times on the rhetoric surrounding House Bill 2. R…

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