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Updated: NCGA Competitive Races to Watch

Here’s our updated projection on competitive NCGA races this year. NC House HD6 Beverly Boswell (R) Warren Judge (D) HD35 Chris Malone (R)* Terence Everitt (D) HD36 Nelson Dollar (R)* Jennifer Ferrell (D) HD40 Marilyn Avila (R)* Joe John (D) … Continue reading

Real Facts files suit over public records

Real Facts Complaint (PDF)

McCrory Travel Records

WBTV- McCrory Flight Records WLOS- McCrory Complete 2015 Calendar WLOS- McCrory Complete 2014 Calendar Indy Week Records Request

The McCrory Administration’s “Do Not Drink” Timeline

Summary: Comparison of Dr. Megan Davies deposition to reporting on coal ash corroborates Dr. Kenneth Rudo’s claims about McCrory’s office intervening on “do not drink” orders. Davies and Rudo both testified that McCrory administration officials “pressured public health scientists to … Continue reading

Competing lawsuits on HB2

There were three competing federal lawsuits filed over HB2 on May 9. Here are the full documents for each suit. U.S. Department of Justice v NC McCrory v US DOJ NCGA v USDOJ