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Packing the NC Supreme Court: Background

Overview Following the election of Judge Mike Morgan to the North Carolina Supreme Court by an overwhelming margin on Nov. 8 2016, the balance of the court shifted from a 4-3 Republican majority to a 4-3 Democratic majority. Media began … Continue reading

Don’t Pack the NC Supreme Court

After a bitter and negative campaign, we need to come together and try to seek common ground, but Governor McCrory and the Republicans would instead try to force through controversial legislation that, like HB2, would only further divide North Carolina. … Continue reading

Gov. McCrory Should Concede

As of Friday afternoon, Governor-elect Roy Cooper’s lead over Pat McCrory has grown to 7,448 votes. The results are clear. Roy Cooper won and now it’s time for Governor McCrory to concede. Gov. McCrory has no path to victory, yet … Continue reading

Records Request Responses

Use this link to download any public records that have been provided to Real Facts NC in response to various requests. Records Database

Updated: NCGA Competitive Races to Watch

Here’s our updated projection on competitive NCGA races this year. NC House HD6 Beverly Boswell (R) Warren Judge (D) HD35 Chris Malone (R)* Terence Everitt (D) HD36 Nelson Dollar (R)* Jennifer Ferrell (D) HD40 Marilyn Avila (R)* Joe John (D) … Continue reading