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The McCrory Administration’s “Do Not Drink” Timeline

Summary: Comparison of Dr. Megan Davies deposition to reporting on coal ash corroborates Dr. Kenneth Rudo’s claims about McCrory’s office intervening on “do not drink” orders. Davies and Rudo both testified that McCrory administration officials “pressured public health scientists to … Continue reading

Competing lawsuits on HB2

There were three competing federal lawsuits filed over HB2 on May 9. Here are the full documents for each suit. U.S. Department of Justice v NC McCrory v US DOJ NCGA v USDOJ

McCrory has used the same “fear” rhetoric on HB2 he now criticizes

McCrory responded “not a fear” when asked  “what is your fear? as you know, there is a misconception that transgendered are somehow molesters.” “Kelly pressed McCrory several times on the rhetoric surrounding House Bill 2. ‘What is the fear about the transgender situation in … Continue reading

McCrory’s misleads on HB2

We’re pretty confident this page will have to be updated frequently… McCrory’s HB2 claims contain “several factual problems” and “a blatant untruth”. (WRAL, 3/28/16; Charlotte Observer, Editorial, 3/28/16) McCrory “wrong” when he claims HB2 doesn’t take away existing rights – … Continue reading

McCrory Statement on HB2 Lawsuit

 (YouTube, 5/9/16) 1:44  Good afternoon.  Our nation is dealing with a very new complex and emotional issue.  How to balance the expectations of privacy and equality.  In one of the most private areas of our lives- restrooms, locker rooms, or … Continue reading