15 Legislative Actions That Leave North Carolina Workers Disenfranchised

On July 20th North Carolina workers joined workers across the nation to Strike for Black Lives. Though the strike itself only spanned a single day, the demands are still available and applicable. The demands set forth by this strike would benefit all North Carolinians - though they originate…

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For a Safer Reopening, Apply Legislative Support: A Look at Unemployment and Worker Protections in North Carolina

 The North Carolina General Assembly just wrapped up their regularly scheduled short session, leaving us with a set of bills that put North Carolinians at risk for exposure to COVID-19 and few bills that protect North Carolinians from the negative health and financial impacts of this pa…

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South Carolina Labor Force Grows, While NC’s Shrinks

According to the latest data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, South Carolina’s labor force is growing to record levels while North Carolina’s labor force shrinks to the lowest point since 1976. SC unemployment rate declines, record workforce cited South Carolina’s u…

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