New Poll: Virginia. Alabama. Is the Democratic wave coming to North Carolina next?

New data from national pollster finds growing Democratic enthusiasm in the Tar Heel State

RALEIGH—New polling data from North Carolina released today finds growing enthusiasm among Democratic voters and sagging support for Republican incumbents. A growing wave that produced recent Democratic victories in Virginia and Alabama could reach North Carolina voters by November 2018.                     

Garin Hart Yang Research found a 16-point gap (67%-51%) between Democrats and Republicans who are “extremely motivated” to vote in 2018 elections for state legislature. While North Carolina Democrats have a 47%-41% advantage on the generic ballot test for state legislative races, that advantage grows to a 53%-37% lead among the most motivated voters.

“The problem with the Republican Party, in North Carolina specifically, and nationally is that among their own voters there is a lack of enthusiasm,,” said pollster Fred Yang in a call with North Carolina reporters this afternoon.

On behalf of Real Facts NC, Garin Hart Yang polled 602 likely North Carolina voters between December 7-10.  Click here for the complete Garin Hart Yang polling memo.

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