Beware of websites that mimic local news but push misleading content

Metric Media has nearly 40 NC-based outposts, many pushing content on financial contributors to state legislative and other candidates.

Nearly 40 websites purporting to be hyperlocal news, some with their own Facebook pages, have popped up across North Carolina. They bear unassuming names like “Outer Banks Times” and “South Raleigh News,” but upon further examination, the content is decidedly strange. 

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Don't Pack the NC Supreme Court


Following the election of Judge Mike Morgan to the North Carolina Supreme Court by an overwhelming margin on Nov. 8 2016, the balance of the court shifted from a 4-3 Republican majority to a 4-3 Democratic majority. Media began reporting days after the election that Republican leaders were rumored to be considering a scheme to add two Justices to the NC Supreme Court, during a “special session” called ostensibly to discuss recovery efforts from the flooding caused by Hurricane Matthew. Gov. McCrory would appoint two new justices before leaving office to fill the new seats until the next election of the General Assembly.Gov. McCrory has said he will call an extra session on Dec. 13th to discuss recovery efforts, but legislators can, by simple majority vote, suspend the rules and take up any matter they wish.

Republican leaders have repeatedly refused to denounce or deny rumors that they will use the special session to add Supreme Court Justices, saying it has not been “formally” discussed and they won’t comment on “rumors.” While legislative leaders deny a Supreme Court packing scheme is under consideration, Senate Leadership put forward a similar proposal in 2013.

Key Points

  • After a bitter and negative campaign, we need to come together and try to seek common ground, but Governor McCrory and the Republicans would instead try to force through controversial legislation that, like HB2, would only further divide North Carolina.
  • Adding two new justices to the Supreme Court is disrespectful to the will of the voters, who recently elected a new justice to the Supreme Court AND voted to replace Governor McCrory.
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Gov. McCrory Should Concede

As of Friday afternoon, Governor-elect Roy Cooper’s lead over Pat McCrory has grown to 7,448 votes. The results are clear. Roy Cooper won and now it’s time for Governor McCrory to concede. Gov. McCrory has no path to victory, yet he continues to level desperate attacks against lawful voters, African-American community organizations, and his own appointees to local Boards of Elections.

County Boards of Elections, led by Republicans appointed by the McCrory administration, in Wake, Mecklenburg, Halifax, Durham, and Orange counties, and soon to be more, have rejected Gov. McCrory’s frivolous and unfounded complaints.Gov. McCrory is trying to undermine the results of the election, because he is disappointed with the results, but at this point, he’s only undermining his own reputation.

After a bitter and negative campaign season, it’s time for North Carolina to come together and help our new Governor to be successful.Gov. McCrory should go ahead and concede. The voters have spoken. The writing is on the wall. Calling for a recount would only waste $1.5 million in taxpayer dollars with no hope of making up such a substantial lead. There’s time for Gov. McCrory to deliver a graceful concession, instead of continuing to embarrass himself and our state.

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Public Records Database

Use this link to download any public records that have been provided to Real Facts NC in response to various requests. Records Database

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McCrory continues to put the interests of his former employer, Duke Energy, ahead of protecting North Carolina families

McCrory Hosted Private Dinner with Duke CEO And Their Respective Counsels While “Sweet Deal” Was Under Consideration… McCrory met with Duke’s CEO at the Executive Residence and their respective counsels while coal ash settlement was under consideration.  &ldq…

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Prison Pay-to-Play Scandal: McCrory Administration Being Investigated by the FBI

Governor McCrory intervened on behalf of a donor and friend to extend a private prison contract over the objections of his own prison officials. Here are the facts: McCrory has received $12,000 in campaign contributions from Graeme Keith of The Keith Corporation, his son, and their busine…

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So-called surplus built on the backs of everyday North Carolinians

Yesterday the NCGA’s Fiscal Research Division and OSBM released new state revenue forecasts that found a $400 million surplus, instead of a deficit, as had been previously estimated. But buried in the official memo are two dichotomies that explains all you need to know about …

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Responses to Gov. McCrory’s Proposed Budget

We found these responses particularly insightful: On Thursday, Gov. Pat McCrory released a unambitious state budget, that barely covered the state’s most pressing needs. The Raleigh News & Observer explained it best, “The document runs almost 300 pages. Its expla…

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South Carolina Labor Force Grows, While NC’s Shrinks

According to the latest data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, South Carolina’s labor force is growing to record levels while North Carolina’s labor force shrinks to the lowest point since 1976. SC unemployment rate declines, record workforce cited South Carolina’s u…

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Tea Party Organ Calls NCGOP’s 2013 Tax Plan A “Tax Increase”

According to a column in the Tea Party rag, The Beaufort Observer, Gov. McCrory and the NCGA Republican’s tax reform will result in tax increases on many North Carolina families. When is a “tax cut” a tax increase? Many among us are going to be in for a real shocke…

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