NCGA Republicans target immigrants with yet another bill rooted in false claims

  • S250 puts alleged noncitizens at risk by making their personal information, including name and address, public, potentially exposing them to harassment and violence.
  • S250 addresses a problem that does not exist and will incorrectly remove registered voters from the voting rolls.
    • The rationale for S250 is rooted in disproven claims that NC’s voting rolls are full of undetected noncitizens.
  • Texas lawmakers who approved a similar bill are facing a lawsuit from a group of voters who were incorrectly removed from voter rolls for being “foreign born.”
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Fact Check: NC House Republicans' Claims on House Bill 370

Republicans' claims are more about fear-mongering and defending Trump's policies than protecting communities.

In an August 1st interview with WUNC, N.C House Speaker Tim Moore said the House would vote on H370 once “rhetoric” on immigration “calm[ed] down.” Instead, Moore waited until ICE issued a press release attacking Mecklenburg Sherriff Garry McFadden.

The GOP’s claims about H370 are more about fear-mongering and defending the Trump administration’s unconstitutional immigration policies than about protecting communities. Having not learned their lesson from HB2, Republican leaders in Raleigh are again trying to meddle in local issues to energize their base by discriminating against North Carolinians. Advocacy groups across a broad range of issues, business leaders still concerned about HB2’s lasting impacts on the state, faith leaders, and local elected officials all say this bill makes N.C. more discriminatory and less safe.

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H135 further erodes trust between communities and their local officials making our cities and counties less safe and less healthy

  • H135 makes communities less safe as people fear for their families and are less willing to come forward if they are a victim of or witness to a crime.
  • H135 makes it harder for people to access health care and other services.
  • H135 further erodes trust between local officials and their communities.
  • H135 allows anyone from anywhere in the country to sue an NC city or county over potentially frivolous claims, creating huge court costs for local governments.
  • Cities and counties would be vulnerable to expensive litigation from out-of-state anti-immigrant groups under H135.
  • H135 is yet another way NCGA leaders are imposing their conservative agenda on local governments and ignoring the will of the voters.
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NCGA Republicans are again forcing their extreme agenda on local governments, this time at the expense of families and on taxpayers’ dime

NC Republicans led by House Speaker Tim Moore want to force North Carolina sheriffs to work with the Trump administration’s immigration agents.House Bill 370 would require sheriffs to “comply with, honor, and fulfill” any requests made by Trump’s immigration agents, including requests to detain people without evidence, and would require sheriffs to allow immigration officers access to local jails or detention facilities. In addition, H370 empowers any individual who believes law enforcement is violating these rules to file legal action in Superior Court. If the court agrees, law enforcement officers could incur increasing fines up to $25k per day. With this bill lawmakers are again trying to supersede the will of the voters in N.C. counties who elected sheriffs on their promises to protect all county residents.

Following a significant organized push from concerned citizens, Guilford County Sheriff Danny Rogers, Wake County Sheriff Gerald Baker, Durham County Sheriff Clarence Birkhead, and Mecklenburg County Sheriff Garry McFadden, all Black men, promised to stop complying with Trump’s immigration agents under the 287(g) program. This program allows local law enforcement to act as immigration agents—giving them power to surveil and detain people without evidence. Baker, Birkhead, Rogers, and McFadden were all elected for the first time in 2018, defeating opposition who wanted to sign on or expand the program under the Trump administration. Voters in Wake, Mecklenburg, Guilford, and Durham counties said loud and clearly that they wanted all of their neighbors to feel safe and have held these sheriffs accountable to that promise. Since the election, Forsyth County’s new sheriff Bobby Kimbrough also denounced the Trump administration’s immigration policies.

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