Lt. Gov. Dan Forest's newest baseless claim: “We’re like, the most transparent people ever.”


Today on a Wilmington-based talk radio show Lt. Governor Dan Forest bragged about his commitment to transparency.

“We have the most aboveboard campaign that's ever existed in the history of NC. We're like, the most transparent people ever. Everything we do shows up on Facebook. So you don't have to search very far to figure out what we're doing on any given day.” - Lt. Gov. Dan Forest, 2/12/2020

His comment comes after Forest refused to return a request for public records for 10 months. These records could provide crucial insight into the Lt. Governor’s ties to Greg Lindberg, the man at the center of the bribery scandal involving the state Republican Party. Lindberg’s federal corruption trial is scheduled to begin early next week in Charlotte.

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Real Facts NC sues Lt. Governor’s Office for Lindberg records

North Carolinians deserve to know what financier sought from Dan Forest


RALEIGH – Real Facts NC filed suit in Wake County Superior Court Monday seeking public records that could provide crucial insight into Lt. Governor Dan Forest’s ties to Greg Lindberg, the man at the center of the bribery scandal  involving the state Republican Party.

Lindberg’s federal corruption trial is scheduled to begin next Tuesday, February 18, in Charlotte.

Last week WRAL reported on an email that revealed Forest aide Hal Weatherman requested a meeting between Commissioner of Insurance Mike Causey, Greg Lindberg and John Gray. Both Lindberg and Gray were indicted along with former NCGOP Chair Robin Hayes for attempting to bribe Causey. The indictments go to trial next week in federal court in Charlotte. 

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We still don’t know what Greg Lindberg wanted from Dan Forest

In April 2019 Real Facts NC filed requests for records from Lt. Governor Dan Forest that could provide crucial insight into ties to the Greg Lindberg bribery scandal. Forest’s office has stonewalled the request.

Last week Greg Lindberg asked a federal court to dismiss his indictment on bribery charges. Lindberg claimed that his bribes, funneled through the NCGOP and its former chairman Robin Hayes, did not constitute “official acts.”  The request for dismissal could mean the NCGOP and Forest have even more at stake in connection to the Lindberg scandal.

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Lt. Dan is offended by women's underwear, but not President Trump's "history" with lingerie

Despite co-founding a nonprofit that deducts points from companies for not “respect[ing] and valu[ing] our biblically based worldview” Lt. Gov. Dan Forest supports Donald Trump, a man who certainly would not receive a high score. Forest’s nonprofit, Faith Driven Consumer (FDC), rated companies based on their religious practices on a scale of 0 to 100. Forest’s “Christian” offense at images of women in lingerie feels disingenuous when compared with Trump’s record. A record that Forest has worked hard to align himself closely with.

According to a NC Policy Watch report, Forest’s conservative Christian nonprofit told consumers to stay away from Sears because the store’s catalogue included photos of women wearing lingerie. Forest, however, has worked hard to align his campaign for governor with President Donald Trump despite Trump’s storied history with lingerie and the people who wear it. Trump was accused of sexual assault in the lingerie department of an upscale department store in New York City, where he asked a woman to try on lingerie (in addition to several other women accusing Trump of sexual assault). Trump owned the Miss USA pageant in 2010 when he defended Miss USA sharing photos in lingerie. In 2017 Ivanka Trump submitted a trademark request for a lingerie company.

Recently, Forest bragged about a shout-out from Trump at the Greenville, NC, rally where Trump supporters shouted “send her back” in reference to Rep. Illhan Omar (D-MN). Trump also verbally attacked other Democratic women in Congress.

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What did Greg Lindberg want from Dan Forest?

Real Facts NC seeking records from Department of Insurance, Lt. Governor Dan Forest that could provide crucial insight into ties to Greg Lindberg, bribery scandal

Real Facts NC filed requests with the NC Department of Insurance and the Lieutenant Governor’s office Thursday seeking records of contact with Greg Lindberg and other indicted individuals, and public figures with known relationships to Lindberg and his network in the bribery scandal rocking the NCGOP.

The group is specifically seeking all correspondence between both departments and Robin Hayes, Greg Lindberg, John Gray, and John Palermo, the four men indicted on bribery charges, as well as correspondence between both departments and Rep. Mark Walker, mentioned in the indictment as “Public Official A.” Real Facts is also seeking correspondence between the departments and former Sen. Wes Meredith (R-Cumberland) who took nearly $40,000 from Lindberg and immediately filed a bill backed by Lindberg’s Eli Global.

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Video: Lt. Gov. Dan Forest knows a lot about how to commit voter fraud

In a video presumably produced in the Lt. Governors office donor-funded TV studio, Republican Lt. Gov. Dan Forest explains a "theoretical" method for committing voter fraud, "just for fun." 

The video, posted to Facebook by the Republican Council of State Caucus, goes into explicit detail about a plan that Forest claims liberal groups might use to steal votes. Under the guise of advocating in favor of a voter ID constitutional amendment on the ballot this fall, Forest lays out a specific plan to rig the election.
The Republican Council of State Caucus was founded by Forest as a fundraising arm for Republican members of the Council of State, but has only one other member, Superintendent Mark Johnson, despite there being four other Republicans on the Council of State. 
It is no surprise that other Republicans are distancing themselves from the polarizing Forest and Johnson. In addition to endorsing this method of rigging elections, the pair have ties to the abusive Word of Faith church and a controversial network of charter schools . Johnson's new chief of staff, a Forest donor, once criticized public schools for "milking the federal government" for free and reduced lunch which is concerning for the person running the state's public school system.
Forest will likely earn the Republican nomination to challenge Governor Roy Cooper in 2020 and Mark Johnson has hinted he wants the Lt. Governorship, no doubt to follow in Forest's footsteps. Now they have laid out a plan to get ahead in 2020.
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Mark Johnson uses NC public schools email list as his personal blog

On Thursday morning North Carolina parents and caretakers with a child in NC public schools opened their inboxes to find an email about school safety from Superintendent Mark Johnson with the subject line “School Safety: A Message from NC Superintendent Mark Johnson.”

This message would alarm most parents, perhaps expecting an update about threats to school safety or specific action steps the school plans to take. Instead, Johnson offered tepid commitments in a form email that one expects to receive in campaign correspondence, not an educational necessity. Johnson, with likely 2020 aspirations, may be testing the waters of the DPI listserv as a way to get his name out.

It is not as if Mark Johnson has been free from scandal. In September 2018, Johnson appointed Joe Maimone as his chief of staff, the same man who once claimed that public schools were “milking” federal free and reduced lunch dollars. Moreover, Johnson and Maimone are not so far separated from the Charter School Industrial Complex™, or TeamCFA and Achievement for All Children, a network of charter schools funded by the religious right.

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Video: Dan Forest says the NCGA has done a “great job” drawing maps that have been ruled unconstitutional four times and counting

Forest, during a Facebook Live he hosted on Wednesday, commended the “great job” the General Assembly has done drawing maps.

“The General Assembly has done a great job complying with the rules of the courts to draw these districts.”

Not quite

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Council of State to Dan Forest: Call me, beep me

The Lieutenant Governor of NC doesn’t have a lot to do under the state’s Constitution. The few formal constitutional duties assigned include serving as President of the Senate and on the Council of State. 

Despite this, Lt. Gov. Dan Forest has been busy this year traveling the state from the mountains to the coast. He also hasn’t missed opportunities to leave the state, even if they interfere with his few Constitutional duties. 

Today, Dan Forest was again absent from the meeting of the Council of State. Forest had to be called in for the October meeting, but this morning, his voice was conspicuously absent from the phone.


Council of State Meeting, Tuesday, November 7, 2017
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Dan Forest lauds state education funding in Onslow County, which ranks 110 of out 115 in state spending on schools

“We are sixth in the nation for state funding for education.” That’s what Lt. Gov. Dan Forest told a gathering of local Republicans on Friday. It’s not the first time Forest has made this debunked claim, but what’s really out of touch is where he said it.

Forest lauded state education spending while speaking in Onslow County, a county that is falling behind in statewide per pupil spending. 

Over the past four years, Onslow County has consistently received less money than the average from the state per pupil. In the 2015-2016 school year, the average per pupil state spending was $5724.21, but Onslow County Schools only received $5,247.34. During this same year, Onslow County ranked 110th out of 115 NC Local Education Agencies, or LEAs, in state funding per pupil. 

Per Pupil Expenditures

School Year

Onslow Spending

State Spending in Onslow

Avg. State Spending

















(NC Public Schools, per pupil expenditures, child nutrition included, 2012-2016)
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