What did Greg Lindberg want from Dan Forest?

Real Facts NC seeking records from Department of Insurance, Lt. Governor Dan Forest that could provide crucial insight into ties to Greg Lindberg, bribery scandal

Real Facts NC filed requests with the NC Department of Insurance and the Lieutenant Governor’s office Thursday seeking records of contact with Greg Lindberg and other indicted individuals, and public figures with known relationships to Lindberg and his network in the bribery scandal rocking the NCGOP.

The group is specifically seeking all correspondence between both departments and Robin Hayes, Greg Lindberg, John Gray, and John Palermo, the four men indicted on bribery charges, as well as correspondence between both departments and Rep. Mark Walker, mentioned in the indictment as “Public Official A.” Real Facts is also seeking correspondence between the departments and former Sen. Wes Meredith (R-Cumberland) who took nearly $40,000 from Lindberg and immediately filed a bill backed by Lindberg’s Eli Global.

“Lt. Governor Dan Forest said he is friends with the men involved in this bribery scandal and has been dishonest about his relationship with the Truth and Prosperity PAC Lindberg funded,” said Daniel Gilligan, Executive Director of Real Facts NC. “These requests should shed light on what exactly Mr. Lindberg and his associates sought to gain from their relationship with the Republican Frontrunner for Governor.”

Real Facts NC is also seeking records of correspondence between the Department of Insurance, the Lt. Governor’s Office, and some of Forest’s campaign staff. In addition to the $2 million Lindberg gave to the NCGOP, Lindberg gave $1 million to Forest’s Truth and Prosperity PAC, $1.4 million to another PAC that supports Forest, and more than $48,000 to Forest’s campaign committee.

See all filed requests here.