Video: Chairman of NC House Agriculture Committee: We’re getting too much hurricane funding

During a House disaster relief committee meeting on Monday, legislators discussed how to help North Carolinians who suffered tremendous losses from Hurricane Matthew and how to prevent disasters in the future. During this discussion, Rep. Jimmy Dixon (R-4) claimed victims in North Carolina are relying on the government too much.

“The number one problem is I think we’ve lured ourselves into complacency and we’ve allowed the public to think that any time a disaster occurs, it’s the government’s responsibility to get us out of the disaster.”

Dixon doesn’t think the government should help people affected by Hurricane Matthew; he makes it very clear that he thinks individuals should take responsibility for the damage caused by the hurricane.

“I think individual responsibility comes first. I think choosing where I build my home, where I build my business is very important and if I make bad choices, I don’t think I need to depend on the rest of the taxpayers to bail me out.”

Dixon is clearly out of touch with North Carolinians, and his statements regarding hurricane funding minimize the issues that so many North Carolinians are dealing with on a daily basis.