TBT: Just some of the times Dallas Woodhouse has been caught in a lie

Cambridge Analytica has stirred up a lot of trouble for quite a few politicians, including NCGOP Executive Director Dallas Woodhouse. Dallas was recently caught lying about the hiring of foreign nationals by the North Carolina Republican Party and in honor of this most recent deception, we thought we’d break down a few of the times Dallas has been caught in a lie.

1. Dallas claimed that no foreign staffers worked for the NCGOP in 2014.

When former Cambridge Analytical employee Chris Wylie said there were “three or four full-time CA staffers embedded in Tillis’s campaign “ and that “all of them were foreigh nationals,” the Tillis campaign was quick to point at that  those staffers actually worked for the state party. A spokesman for the Republican Party of North Carolina confirmed this, saying the staffers in questions weren’t embedded in Tillis’s campaign, but worked for the state party. 

In a Washington Post article, published two days later, Woodhouse said, “No foreign workers worked for us.”

2. Dallas chastised the press for reporting "speculation" about Republican court packing - until outgoing Governor McCrory confirmed it.

In 2016 Woodhouse “chastised the state’s media outlets […] for reporting on speculation that the legislature might add two seats to the N.C. Supreme Court.”

Woodhouse said he was “embarrassed by how the press fell hook, line and sinker for a court expansion crisis that was speculated by Democrats, rumored by Democrats, and fed by Democrats.”

Less than a week later former Gov. Pat McCrory boasted about stopping the potential court packing, saying, “I also successfully worked to deter any efforts to expand the composition of our Supreme Court.”

3. After touting the $4.7 million Carolina Rising spent to help elect Thom Tillis saying "We did it" on election night, Dallas claimed the group had not engaged in political campaign activities.

During the 2014 election, Dallas’s group Carolina Rising openly supported Thom Tillis and spent “a whole lot of money to get this man elected.” When asked about Tillis’s victory and the money spent, Dallas said “$4.7 million. We did it.”

However, when Carolina Rising reported its activities to the I.R.S it said it had not engaged in “direct or indirect political campaign activities on behalf of or in opposition to candidates for public office.” Dallas even claimed that the ads paid for by Carolina Rising were not political in nature.


-Probably Dallas Woodhouse