Top 10 social media fails by Republicans in #ncpol

Some #ncpol officials have made some questionable social media choices and we’ve picked our ten favorite fails. They include tweets, questionable Twitter likes, spelling errors, and all-around bad social media etiquette…especially for someone serving in public office. While many of these are lighthearted in nature, several display concerning, often sexist, tendencies of some of the men seeking office this year.

10. Jonathan Jordan liked a tweet about a woman not allowing herself to be a “passive victim.”

9. Mike Clampitt has at least four Twitter accounts with two that share his address and phone number. If you're interested, you can access each account by clicking the photos below.



 8. Larry Yarborough's public Facebook page featured a screenshot of an email as its cover photo despite the fact that his Legislative Assistant, Leslie Murray, has been paid $11,400 for "social media consulting" since 2016. 

 Fun Fact: After we shared this photo on Twitter today, several other users pointed out that other Republican candidates seem to have posed in the same chair with the same group of children. 

7. Jon Hardister posted a video of himself doing 20 pull ups. Cool.

Bonus Content: To find more selfies and videos of Hardister, just check out his Instagram.

6. Linda Johnson’s Twitter cover photo is a zoomed in high-res photo of her face. 

5. Remember that time Beverly Boswell supposedly tried to draft herself into the Constitution Party?

Bonus contentHere’s a tweet featuring the account’s favorite gif.

4. That time Andy Dulin spelled Ramadan “Romidon” and all of the other times he misspelled things, like “Medicade” and “carefull.”

3. Jarrod Lowery posted this absurd, sexist Facebook status. His twitter account is private, so we're wondering what else Lowery's hiding? 

2. Judge Jefferson Griffin, a sitting Wake County District Court Judge and candidate for NC Court of Appeals running against Toby Hampson, didn't use his best judgement when he liked this tweet in October 2017.


1. In June Chris Malone liked a tweet that said the #meToo movement is about women being "stupid, weak, and inconsequential." In July he liked a photo of a Wingate student posing on a beach.