The definitive timeline of Mark Harris and the NCGOP’s changing relationship with Red Dome, McCrae Dowless and Absentee Ballot Fraud in NC09

With some new and conflicting information already coming to light during the hearings Monday morning it is time to set the record straight on the changing way in which the NCGOP and Mark Harris have defined their relationships with Red Dome, McCrae Dowless and NC09 absentee ballot fraud.


  • Mark Harris definitely lied.
  • Absentee ballot fraud in NC09 was bad enough to make Dallas Woodhouse physically ill, but not bad enough to warrant an investigation and hearing.
  • Red Dome still silent despite paying Dowless more than $131k. 

Late November 2018: Woodhouse insisted “Mark Harris won this race” after the NC State Board of Elections voted not to certify the race.

Mark Harris tweeted his surprise at the allegations and claimed he did nothing wrong. A few days later he called for the NCSBE to certify his election.

Early December 2018: Woodhouse began to claimabsentee ballot fraud didn’t matter because it wouldn’t have changed the outcome of the election. Conflictingly, Woodhouse also said that he “threw up” he was so appalled by all of this fraud.

Meanwhile, Harris and the NCGOP insisted that Harris was an “innocent victim” not aware of “any wrongdoing.” However, a few days later reporters found that Harris directed the hiring of Dowless for absentee ballot work

Mid-December 2018: NCGOP changed its tune on election certification and said a new election should happen if early vote totals were leaked before Election Day. Woodhouse makes no mention of the need for a new election if a pay-per-ballot absentee ballot fraud scheme was being run by a Republican campaign “consultant.”

December 13, 2018: Mark Harris’s initial indications regarding his relationship with Red Dome and McCrae Dowless are proven to be false. He directed the hiring of Dowless to do absentee ballot work.

Late December 2018: NCGOP called for certification of Mark Harris’s election and continued to argue that fraud does not matter if it would not have changed the outcome of the election.This argument not consistent with NC elections law.

February 18, 2019: First day of NC09 hearings. Dallas Woodhouse is still tweeting about math, says he and the NCGOP had “nothing to do with this and could not possibly add anything.” Sharply criticizes Dowless over witness tampering after greeting him that morning.

As per NCSBE records the NCGOP paid Red Dome a little more than $17k in October of 2018. Red Dome paid Dowless $131K between July 2017 and November 2018. Mark Harris paid Red Dome $428K for work during the primary and general election. Red Dome has not answered questions from NCSBE investigators, so it is hard to say with certainty the NCGOP had “nothing to do with this.”

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