Video: Retired Appeals Court Judge Doug McCullough (R): vote against power grabbing constitutional amendments to stop GOP’s court packing scheme

Judge Doug McCullough, a retired Republican judge who served on the NC Court of Appeals from 2001-2008 and 2010-2017, spoke out against constitutional amendments that would assist in the GOP’s court-packing scheme. He called the Republican legislature’s constitutional amendments a “blatant power grab” that would only further their scheme to court pack.

Below, Judge McCullough explains his story, describing his resume and his time on the NC Court of Appeals. While describing his time on the Court of Appeals, McCullough confirms that the NC GOP is trying to pack the courts.

Judge McCullough then goes into detail describing the Republican legislature’s court packing scheme, emphasizing that this will slow down the administration of justice, especially in cases involving child abuse, and increase the Supreme Court’s caseload.

Judge McCullough goes on to say the solution to preventing the GOP’s court packing scheme is to vote against the constitutional amendments that would only further their deceptive agenda.


Judge McCullough’s message is clear: the only way to prevent the Republican’s long-term court packing plan is to vote no to the misleading constitutional amendments on judicial and eethics appointments this fall.