Republicans fund pseudoscience “crisis pregnancy centers”

Republicans in the legislature are more interested in funding ideological groups that mislead women and deal in pseudoscience than in providing actual health care to women.

This year’s House budget proposal allocates $1.3 million to the Carolina Pregnancy Care Fellowship, a notable increase from the Senate’s $400,000 budget allocation. The Fellowship is an umbrella organization for so-called “crisis pregnancy centers.”

Crisis Pregnancy Centers, or CPCs, present themselves as women’s health clinics, but most CPCs do not have any medical professionals on their staff and few CPCs share this fact with their potential clients. Women walking into CPCs looking for abortion services would instead find anti-abortion “counselors”. These “counselors” give women inaccurate medical information about the risks associated with abortions, such as reporting a connection between abortion and breast cancer, a theory that has been discredited in multiple medical studies.

CPCs often have misleading names, such as “AAA Women for Choice,” intended to deceive women into believing they offer abortion services and unbiased counseling. If women call crisis pregnancy centers to ask about available reproductive-health services, CPCs will lie in order to lure women to the center.

The Republican leadership of the North Carolina General Assembly wants to put even more taxpayer dollars into these centers known for misleading tactics and medically unsound practices.