REPORT: Early Vote Locations and Registered Voters by Precinct

A new website lists early voting locations and registered voters by precinct, now available here. The top map on the tableau site  shows density for each precinct by registered voters. You can edit the county and demographics of registered voters you are viewing by using the dropdowns at the top. The map will then update. You can hover your cursor over a precinct to get that precinct's name and its population of your chosen demographics. The second map shows the geocoded location of every early vote site used in that specific county since 2012. If you hover your cursor over the site, the address, name of location, and election cycles that site was used will appear.

Early Vote Locations and Registered Voters by Precinct

This data is supported by a companion worksheet located here. The google sheet shows the same information on the maps, just in chart form. It shows, by county, each precinct's population. You can then use the slicers over on the right hand side to look at one (or multiple) counties as well as a number of demographic options.  Once chosen, the data will then update in the chart.

NC Registered Voters- Companion Worksheet

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