Real Facts NC sues Lt. Governor’s Office for Lindberg records

by RFNC Staff


Real Facts NC sues Lt. Governor’s Office for Lindberg records

North Carolinians deserve to know what financier sought from Dan Forest

RALEIGH – Real Facts NC filed suit in Wake County Superior Court Monday seeking public records that could provide crucial insight into Lt. Governor Dan Forest’s ties to Greg Lindberg, the man at the center of the bribery scandal  involving the state Republican Party.

Lindberg’s federal corruption trial is scheduled to begin next Tuesday, February 18, in Charlotte.

Last week WRAL reported on an email that revealed Forest aide Hal Weatherman requested a meeting between Commissioner of Insurance Mike Causey, Greg Lindberg and John Gray. Both Lindberg and Gray were indicted along with former NCGOP Chair Robin Hayes for attempting to bribe Causey. The indictments go to trial next week in federal court in Charlotte. 

In April 2019 Real Facts NC sent public record requests to the NC Department of Insurance and Lt. Governor’s Office seeking records of contact with Lindberg and the other individuals indicted in the bribery scandal. While Commissioner Causey has been transparent and honored the request, the Lt. Governor's office has continued to stonewall. 

“Lt. Gov. Forest has admitted he is friends with the individuals involved in this bribery scandal and now we know his top aide facilitated a meeting with the man they are charging with bribing,” said Daniel Gilligan, Executive Director of Real Facts NC. “The public deserves to know exactly what Mr. Lindberg and his associates sought to gain from their relationship with Dan Forest.”

Background from WRAL:

“Within a month of the reach out, more than $50,000 flowed into Forest's campaign coffers from associates of Greg Lindberg and John Gray, at least in part because Lindberg hosted a fundraiser at his home. Lindberg himself donated $400,000 that month to a second political committee that the lieutenant governor controls and that accepts unlimited donations.

By the end of that year, Lindberg had deposited $2.4 million in political committees backing Forest's current run for governor. Forest put out a press release at the time, trumpeting his ability to bring in such a haul.”

A full copy of the complaint can be found here.

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