PRESS RELEASE: Real Facts NC disavows "NC Strong" efforts by Brad Crone, Campaign Connections, et al. - exploring appropriate legal action

February 15, 2018
Contact: Daniel Gilligan
Executive Director, Real Facts NC
We recently learned of a Republican independent expenditure effort in support of Rep. Nelson Dollar under the name NC Strong.
This is the same name as a 501(c)4 we formed that is in no way affiliated with Mr. Crone, anyone listed in his presentation, or this legally questionable effort.
"We are exploring appropriate legal action against the organizers of this effort to stop use of the NC Strong name," said Daniel Gilligan, organizer of NC Strong 501(c)4.
From Wednesday’s News & Observer: “Brad Crone, president of Campaign Connections in Raleigh, for working with a campaign that aims to help Republican state Rep. Nelson Dollar of Cary. The statement cites a document describing a nonprofit called NC STRONG, and listing Crone as a general consultant and main contact person for the group. Contributions to the group won’t be disclosed to the public, according to the document.”