Pat McCrory’s “Second Chance” Sweeps Previous Attempt at Teaching Under the Rug

According to his admissions on conservative talk radio, Pat McCrory may be getting the opportunity to avenge a rejection he’s carried since high school.

In early February, former Governor Pat McCrory began a fellowship with the UNC Institute of Politics, where he will be hosting a not-for-credit leadership seminar-lecture series. For the record, this series is neither for credit nor a formal academic class hosted in any part of the university’s curriculum, but rather a not-for-credit series hosted by a student group. On his podcast, he announced his not-for-credit series, titled “Hard Lessons of Leadership: An Insider’s Look That You Won’t Read In A Textbook,” and divulged the topics and titles for each module. He then mentioned multiple times that he was very thankful for this position because as a high school graduate, he was rejected from UNC-Chapel Hill and is now very excited to have his “second chance” to attend and teach his not-for-credit seminar.

The issue in his statements lies in the fact that this is far from his second chance. McCrory held the Governor position between 2013 and 2017; his end of term came shortly after one of the most notable pieces of statewide legislation, HB2 was widely assessed as a disaster. HB2 was not only transphobic, but paved a direct path for workplace discrimination and lack of local autonomy.

At the end of his term, McCrory attempted several new ventures. One of these attempts even landed McCrory in further scandal. In March of 2017, McCrory sought out a position at Duke University’s Sanford School of Public Policy, where faculty and staff penned a statement with Duke Law School calling for the repeal of HB2 just a year prior. When asked about McCrory’s application, Kelly Brownell, dean of the Sanford School, stated, “We’re not making any offer to him to have a teaching role at the school now but I’ve made it clear to our faculty that he’s interested in engaging with us.” Information then became public that students of the school were petitioning against McCrory’s potential teaching venture with that context. In culmination, McCrory’s 2017 visit to Duke resulted in objections and outroar from students and faculty within 15 minutes of his arrival. Although no formal announcement was made about it, McCrory’s attempt to teach was thwarted—for the time being.

McCrory’s so-called second attempt at teaching has turned into a matter of pride. By incorrectly calling his not-for-credit seminar series a “class” more than once, McCrory has made it clear that his second chances only count when it’s convenient for him.