Pat McCrory has a problem with successful women

Remember Pat McCrory? The one-term Republican governor who refused to concede the election, citing false accusations of voter fraud? The same guy who spent thousands of taxpayer dollars to defend his anti-LGBTQ HB2 known as the bathroom bill? Yes, that Pat McCrory.

Not to worry, however, because it seems McCrory has found a way to spend his newfound free time: daily appearances on conservative talk radio on which he contributes “expertise” to state politics and debates national news. One common theme on the show is McCrory’s penchant for making sexist comments about politically or professionally successful women.

Just this month, he implied that a female journalist only worked at MSNBC because she was attractive and had done something unsavory with her boss. He also tried to reduce Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to her outward appearance, claiming she couldn’t be smart, even though she was “attractive.”

In 2008, before his run for governor, McCrory’s live TV take away about then-sitting Alaska Governor and Republican nominee for Vice President Sarah Palin was that she “is much hotter in person.” A comment after which he reportedly “snickers and pants like Butthead and looks like a middle-school geek who just told a pee-pee joke.”

Maybe McCrory should try running for office again instead of belittling women who are significantly more successful than he. Or he can keep displaying his baseline irrelevance while talking to himself on conservative radio.