2018 Resource: North Carolina Legislator Profiles

With the close of 2018 candidate filing, Real Facts NC wants to direct your attention to an important resource we’re developing going into 2018.

Legislator profiles

We’ve already written them on several incumbent legislators who are running for re-election in 2018. Here they are listed below with challengers:

HD02: Larry Yarborough faces Democrat Darryl Moss.

HD09: Greg Murphy will face Democrat Kris Rixon

HD19: Ted Davis, Jr will face Democrat Marica Morgan and Libertarian David Perry in the general election.

HD20: Holly Grange is challenged by Democrat Leslie Cohen who emerged the winner in a three-way primary.

HD22: William Brisson will face Tony Denning in his first race as a Republican.

HD35: Chris Malone defeated primary opponent Isaac Burke to face Democrat Terence Everitt who also overcame a primary challenge. Libertarian Michael Nelson has also filed here.

HD36: Nelson Dollar will face Wake County PTA President Julie von Haefen and Libertarian Robyn Pegram in November.

HD45: John Szoka is challenged by Democrat Albeiro Florez.

HD51: John Sauls faces opposition from Democrat Lisa Mathis.

HD59: Jon Hardister won a three-way primary and will take on Democrat, and Greensboro-native Steve Buccini.

HD62: John Faircloth will face Democrat Martha Shafer in November.

HD63: Stephen Ross is challenged by Democrat Erica McAdoo.

HD64: Dennis Riddell will face Democrat Elliott Lynch.

HD66: Ken Goodman faces Republican Clyde Cupples.

HD74: Debra Conrad is opposed by Democrat Terri LeGrand.

HD75: Donny Lambeth faces Dan Besse in a race where voters mustache themselves who is best for the job. 

HD82: Linda Johnson faces Democrat Aimy Steele, an elementary school principal. 

HD98: John Bradford will face Democrat Christy Clark in November.

HD103: Bill Brawley has to take on Democrat Rachel Hunt, a lawyer, public schools advocate, and the daughter of Governor Jim Hunt.

HD104: Andy Dulin is challenged by Democrat Brandon Lofton.

HD105: Scott Stone will take on Democrat Wesley Harris.

HD111: Tim Moore will face David Brinkley in November.

HD119: Mike Clampitt is up for a rematch with former Representative Joe Sam Queen.

SD30: Phil Berger will take on Democrat Jennifer Mangrum and Libertarian Robert Jordan in what is now SD30. 

SD38: Joel Ford lost in a primary to Mujtaba Mohammed. Mohammed will face Richard Rivette in November. 

Bonus: we profiled both Linda Hunt Williams and John Blust who are not seeking re-election. In Williams’ HD37 Democrat Sydney Batch faces Republican John Adcock; they’re joined by Libertarian Guy Meilleur as well. In the district that would’ve been Blust’s (HD57) Democrat Ashton Wheeler Clemmons takes on Republican Troy Lawson.

November brings a crowded field of candidates where (almost) all legislative districts are left with at least one Republican and Democratic candidate. With plenty more to come, we hope these profiles will be a helpful resource to navigate these exciting times.

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