North Carolina Legislator Profile: William Brisson (R-Bladen, Johnston, Sampson)

In a series of Real Facts NC reports examining key North Carolina legislators, we look at William Brisson, who has represented House District 22 since 2006. Rep. Brisson swiched parties in October 2017 to join the party he's been voting with on budget and tax issues. Brisson's new House district in the proposed 2017 maps would become even more Republican, so the switch is not shocking because he has always been more interested in his own advancement than those of working families in his district. In 2013, Brisson joined the Republicans in ending the earned income tax credit for families making less than $40,000 per year. Brisson is the current vice-chairman of four House standing committees, including Agriculture and Appropriations. Brisson claims that he wants to protect and help those who cannot do so themselves, but his record tells a different story. Brisson has consistently voted to makes things worse for folks in his district, from cuts to education to ending tax credits for working families. Read the full report here.

In 2013, Brisson said, “It has been about the people and will always be about the people with me.” Despite Brisson’s assertion that it is about the people, his time in Raleigh has proven otherwise.


  • Brisson’s constituents in Bladen, Johnston, and Sampson Counties have been struggling.
  • Despite NC’s struggles with educational attainment, Brisson voted for the 2017 Republican budget which continued the trend of per pupil cuts to education. 
  • In 2013, Brisson voted to end the Earned Income Tax Credit, which reduced poverty and helped families working for low wages. 
  • Brisson voted for H467, which limited the liability of big corporate farms that caused damage to their neighbors’ property, and even voted against a popular amendment that kept the law from applying to current law suits. 
  • Brisson voted to protect corporate farms despite being a farmer who has received over $1.3 million in subsidies from the federal government.

Read the full report here.