North Carolina Legislator Profile Update: Rep. Scott Stone (R-Mecklenburg)

Scott Stone was appointed to House District 105 in May 2016 and won the election for the seat in November of the same year.He does not have any prior political experience, as he lost the race for Charlotte Mayor in both 2015 and 2011 and lost a race for Arlington County Board (VA) in 1996.

Stone is out-of-touch with his constituents. He added $287,000 worth of “housekeeping buildings” to his $459,500 home, meanwhile, he voted for bills that make it difficult for North Carolinians to get ahead. Stone blindly followed his party’s lead, voting to block an amendment that would have expanded Medicaid for several North Carolinians and voting in favor of several other bills that fail to protect working families in NC. He opposed raising the minimum wage and did not want to allow affordable housing near his south Charlotte neighborhood.

Despite boasting about the fact that he has children in the NC public school system, Stone has repeatedly voted for bills during his short time in office that fail to adequately fund public schools. He claims diversity in schools is a “politically driven issue” and opposes busing to increase diversity in Charlotte-Mecklenburg schools, claiming it is “not the answer.” Stone said, “the legislature is responsible for the education of students across the state,” but he has voted for Republican budgets that continue to fail NC’s education system.

Following the shooting in Parkland, FL, Stone followed his party’s lead and voted against amendments made by Democrats to a school safety bill that would have added gun-control restrictions. Stone prioritized gun rights over the safety of children at school. He once again proved he is out of touch with North Carolinians and will blindly follow the Republican party at any cost.

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“I’m a private-sector guy; I can sit down with CEOs.” - Scott Stone (Charlotte Business Journal, 8/28/15)

Stone voted to block an amendment to a bill that would have expanded Medicaid in North Carolina.

  • Democrats attempted to amend the bill to expand Medicaid, but Stone and other House Republicans used a procedural vote to block the effort.

Stone believes diversity in schools is a “politically driven issue” and has a history of prioritizing tax cuts for big businesses over public education funding.

  • Stone’s website refers to diversity in schools as a “politically driven issue” and he has voted against bills that would increase diversity in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg area.
  • Stone voted for a Republican budget that let education funding fall even further behind in North Carolina despite claiming he would “fight for budgets which will recruit and retain North Carolina’s best teachers.”

Stone voted against several provisions to a School Safety bill that would have added gun-control measures.

  • Stone voted in favor of H938, a bill that would add more “building safety and campus police officer requirements” in North Carolina but did not include any gun-control restrictions.
  • Stone voted against amendments made by Democrats that contained gun-control restrictions and other items.

Stone is out-of-touch with the needs of most North Carolina families.

  • In 2009, Stone had a $287,000 addition to his home for “housekeeping buildings.”
  • Stone’s home in Mecklenburg County is valued at $459,000.
  • Stone voted against policies that benefit working-class North Carolinians including failing to restore the child care income tax credit, and voting to eliminate retirement benefits for state employees after 2021.
  • Stone was against raising the minimum wage and opposed putting affordable housing in his own neighborhood.

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