North Carolina Legislator Profile update: Larry Yarborough (R-Person, Granville)

Yarborough simply follows his Republican colleagues lead and votes in line with his party, which has resulted in a lack of public education funding in North Carolina. Yarborough voted for multiple Republican budgets, all of which failed to meaningfully increase teacher pay and left NC nearly $10,000 below the national average. Before Yarborough was elected to the House, he followed the Republican agenda by voting against budgets that increased education funding in Person County.

Yarborough followed the GOP’s lead yet again when it came to health care access, which he has repeatedly voted to block. Yarborough has a record of voting against Medicaid expansion and affordable and accessible health care for North Carolinians. He also voted to delay justice for survivors when he voted in-line with his party against funding to process over 15,000 rape kits. Yarborough is just another rubber stamp for the Republican Party who follows leadership without considering how his votes will impact those who live in his district.

After working for DuPont, Yarborough claimed he “understand[s] most of the science” behind environmental regulations, however he continually voted with his party for bills that were detrimental to the environment and limit GenX research funding. Yarborough repeatedly followed his party’s footsteps and prioritized his relationship with the Supermajority over the needs of his constituents. 

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Yarborough consistently failed to adequately increase public education funding and teacher salaries since his time on the county commission.

  • Yarborough voted for the 2017 Republican budget that shortchanged teachers by failing to meaningfully raise teacher salaries.
  • Teacher pay remains nearly $10,000 below the national average in North Carolina.
  • Yarborough voted for the 2016 budget that raised taxes for middle class families and cut public education funding.
  • In 2015, Yarborough voted for the Republican budget that let education funding fall even further behind.
  • Despite not being in the House in 2013, Yarborough defended the budget that cut education funding by $500 million.
  • As a County Commissioner in Person County, Yarborough voted against budgets that would have increased school funding.

Yarborough voted against Medicaid expansion, denying hundreds of thousands of North Carolinians access to affordable health care and costing the state anywhere from 455 to 1,000 lives annually.

  • In 2018 Yarborough voted to block Medicaid expansion using a procedural vote.
  • Yarborough voted against Medicaid expansion in 2015 that would have covered 500,000 low-income North Carolinians and was fully funded by federal money for three years.

Yarborough voted against providing funding to process over 15,000 rape kits, delaying justice even longer for survivors.

  • The legislature refused to provide funding to process over 15,000 rape kits.
  • AG Josh Stein requested funds to clear the rape kit backlog.

Yarborough worked for DuPont, the company later sued for GenX spills, and voted for multiple bills that limit GenX funding as well as voted for other bills that are detrimental to the environment.

  • Yarborough has a degree in chemical engineering and claims he “understand[s] most of the science” behind environmental regulations because of his work at DuPont.
  • Yarborough voted for the 2018 Budget, S99.
  • Yarborough was a primary sponsor of H56, the bill that tied GenX funding to the repeal of the plastic bag ban in the Outer Banks.
  • In 2016, Yarborough voted for the “Duke Bailout Bill” that proved families could not rely on the state to protect their drinking water and allowed Duke to raise rates to make taxpayers pay for coal ash cleanup.

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