North Carolina Legislator Profile Update: Larry Pittman (R-Cabarrus)

Rep. Larry Pittman is more concerned with living in his deluded version of the past than the issues facing North Carolina today.

Pittman failed to prioritize educating North Carolinians, instead prioritizing tax cuts for big corporations. He voted for Republican budgets that prioritized tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations over raising teacher pay to the national average. Meanwhile, classroom funding has not been restored to pre-recession levels and remains 39th in the nation. Teachers are forced to spend up to $1,000 out-of-pocket each year for necessary supplies not covered by Republican budgets.

Pittman has steadfastly refused to expand health care access to thousands of North Carolinians. On multiple occasions, he has sponsored and voted for legislation that blocked Medicaid expansion. As a result, the cost of health care has increased, and several North Carolinians have even lost their lives. North Carolina has the third most expensive health care in the country, according to a 2017 study.  

Pittman blocked a request to process thousands of untested rape kits in NC. Because of Pittman’s vote, justice will be delayed even longer for victims across the state. North Carolinians deserve a leader who will prioritize their well-being.

Pittman’s disturbing and off-putting statements on social media do not make him fit to serve in an elected position. His radical positions detract from his ability to properly advocate for his constituents. In 2017, Pittman sponsored a bill that sought to legalize the ability of North Carolina to secede from the federal government. Larry Pittman and his outlandish ideas are exactly what is holding North Carolina back. Pittman’s constituents deserve a representative who is rooted in reality and genuinely cares about improving North Carolina for everyone.

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Source: Washington Times

Pittman supported Republican budgets that failed to prioritize public education.

  • The 2017 Republican budget prioritized tax cuts for corporations over teacher pay and per pupil spending.
  • The 2015 budget failed to provide salary increases for teachers and decreased per pupil spending, keeping NC ranked at 46th in the country in per pupil spending.

Pittman is strongly against expanding access to health care in North Carolina. 

  • Democrats attempted to amend H998 to expand Medicaid, but Pittman and his fellow Republicans used a procedural vote to block Medicaid expansion.
  • Pittman’s choice not to initially expand Medicaid in 2013 proved to have steep costs for our state; blocking Medicaid increased the cost of health care and even cost some North Carolinians their lives.
  • North Carolina has the third most expensive health care in the US, according to a 2017 study.

Pittman voted against providing funding to process over 15,000 rape kits, delaying justice even longer for victims.

  • AG Josh Stein requested funds to clear the rape kit backlog.
  • Republicans denied the request for funding, delaying justice for victims.

Pittman’s controversial comments on social media reflect the radical nature of several bills he’s attempted to make North Carolina law.

  • Pittman sponsored a bill that would have removed the section of the North Carolina Constitution banning secession and another that would have removed the part that says North Carolinians owe allegiance to the federal government.
  • Pittman once compared Abraham Lincoln to Adolf Hitler.
  • Pittman, a gun rights enthusiast, speculated that the Parkland shooter might have been part of a conspiracy to “push for gun control” and that “many of these shooters turn out to be communist Democrats.”
  • In 2012, Pittman sent an email calling for “bringing back public hangings” for doctors who perform abortions.
  • Pittman called Obama a dictator and made a racist “birther” joke, insinuating Obama was born in Kenya.
  • Pittman does not want to remove Confederate statues and has said he is the “proud” great-great-grandson of a Confederate soldier who, according to Pittman, did not own slaves.

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