North Carolina Legislator Profile Update: Jonathan Jordan (R-Ashe, Watauga)

Jonathan Jordan was elected in 2010 and has served four terms. Previously working for the right-wing John Locke Foundation, Jordan has maintained his strong relationship with the group’s founder, Art Pope. Since being in office, he has accepted thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from associated groups and consistently voted for legislation in line with Pope’s radical right-wing vision for North Carolina. North Carolina deserves a legislator that will put the needs of North Carolina first, not wealthy benefactors.

Jordan has spent his eight years in the legislature undermining education in NC. Because of Jordan’s votes, education remains insufficiently funded. North Carolina teacher pay has not meaningfully increased during Jordan’s time in office. Jordan has supported legislation that takes money away from public education and diverts it to private schools, prioritizing his private interests over the wellbeing of students across the state. To make it even worse, Jordan has accepted campaign contributions from groups who do not care about North Carolina’s future for education. Jordan cares more about his own pocket than our teachers and students.

Jordan voted against expanding Medicaid to North Carolinians, causing costs to skyrocket for all North Carolinians and especially those who need it the most – it’s a big part of why we have the 3rd most expensive health care in the country. Clearly in line with Art Pope’s agenda, Jordan’s vote against Medicaid expansion actively hurts North Carolinians and limits access to healthcare.

Jordan, having received donations from Duke Energy, chose to not hold them accountable after their coal ash spill in 2016 and to pass the cost onto the ratepayers. After the spill, legislation was introduced that would free Duke Energy from the responsibility of cleaning up the disaster they caused. This ultimately saved Duke Energy billions of dollars, at the expense of North Carolinians and the environment.

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Source: WataugaWatch

Prior to running for office, Jordan worked as the Director of Research for the John Locke Foundation, funded by Art Pope, who seeks to impose his backwards and closed-minded agenda on North Carolinians.

  • When Jordan first ran for office he received $76,880.72 in campaign donations from Art Pope associated groups and has since pushed an Art Pope education agenda that fails North Carolina to the detriment of our students.

Following a Pope-funded agenda, Jordan has consistently voted for policies that fail to fully fund public education.

  • Jordan voted for the 2018 Republican budget, barely raising teacher pay and shortchanging students.
  • The 2017 Republican budget Jordan voted for spent the absolute bare minimum on teachers and our education system.
  • The 2015 Republican budget Jordan supported failed to increase teachers’ salaries and kept NC teacher pay ranked at the bottom 10 in the nation.
  • The Republican 2013 budget Jordan voted for made significant cuts to education spending, increased class size, and caused teacher pay to stagnate.

Jordan voted against Medicaid expansion which would have covered 500,000 low-income North Carolinians, backing an Art Pope-funded agenda and raising costs for everyone.

  • Jordan choosing not to expand Medicaid proved to have steep costs for our state; blocking Medicaid increased the cost of healthcare and even cost some North Carolinians their lives.
  • Instead of expanding Medicaid for 500,000 low-income North Carolinians, Jordan opted to vote no, in line with his loyalty to Art Pope.
  • North Carolina has the 3rd most expensive health care in the country, according to a 2017 study.

Jordan voted for bills that passed the cost of cleaning up Duke Energy’s coal ash spill to taxpayers and received at least $1,250 in campaign donations from Duke Energy and Piedmont Natural Gas.

  • Jordan has received at least $1,250 from Duke Energy and Piedmont Natural Gas.
  • The “Duke Bailout Bill” Jordan voted for passed the cost of cleaning up Duke Energy’s coal ash spill to constituents.
  • A regulatory bill Jordan voted for allowed Duke Energy to avoid coal ash cleanup after giving money to Jordan and his fellow Republicans.
  • Jordan voted against an amendment that would have protected ratepayers from paying the outrageous cost to clean up coal ash.

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