North Carolina legislator profile: Representative Tim Moore (R – Cleveland)

In the second in a series of Real Facts NC reports examining key North Carolina legislators, we look at the Speaker of the House, Tim Moore.

Moore has represented Cleveland County since 2003 and became Speaker of the House in 2015.

After being named Speaker, Moore said, "I am committed to improving North Carolina through greater economic opportunity, less burdensome regulations and a new vision for educating and equipping our students.”

Below, read a summary of how Tim Moore has only succeeded in creating greater economic opportunity for himself, his friends, and donors, while his constituents in Cleveland County fall further behind. Read the full report here.


  • Moore has abused his office to help himself, his friends, and donors.  
  • Moore has refused to expand Medicaid, which has cost Cleveland County jobs, tax revenue, and over 3,000 of his constituents access to health care
  • Despite Moore’s promises Cleveland County residents are worse off under Moore’s leadership and the county’s poverty  and unemployment rates are higher than the rest of the state while earning less than the average North Carolinian. 
  • Median household income in Cleveland County is significantly lower than the statewide average. 
  • Cleveland County has a high rate of poverty and had not fallen below statewide recession-era numbers as of 2015. 
  • Nearly one quarter of Cleveland County residents received food aid in July 2016 while Moore was running for reelection. 
  • Moore claimed credit for increased education spending, but schools have fallen behind. 
  • The percentage of economically disadvantaged students in Cleveland County has increased over the past four years while decreasing statewide. 

For the full report: click here.