North Carolina Legislator Profile: Rep. Mike Clampitt (R-Haywood, Jackson, Swain)

Real Facts NC’s legislator profile series continues to examine key North Carolina legislators. Here we look at Republican Representative Mike Clampitt, a Republican representative from House District 119 in Haywood, Jackson, and Swain Counties. Clampitt, a freshman legislator, had run twice before against incumbent Joe Sam Queen for H119 before finally beating Queen by around 300 votes in November 2016. Before being a perennial candidate Clampitt worked at the legislature.

In his first term in the NC House, Clampitt has quickly forgotten his district, supporting economic policies that benefit the weathly over working families in his district. Read more on Clampitt here.


While Rep. Clampitt’s district struggles economically, he voted for economic policies that benefit the wealthy over working families.

  • Clampitt voted for a budget that favored tax cuts for the wealthy, did not restore child care tax credits, and siphoned money away from public education.

Rep Clampitt voted against public education, despite it being the largest employer in Jackson and Haywood counties.

  • The budget funded the controversial school voucher program and shortchanged teachers by failing to meaningfully raise teacher salaries.

Rep Clampitt voted for legislation that loosened environmental restrictions.

  • Clampitt voted for SB 131, which eased policies meant to protect stream beds and air quality.
  • Clampitt voted for S16, a bill that loosened water quality rules and imposed limitations on local governments’ power over landfill permits.
  • Clampitt voted for H56, “the junk drawer of environmental laws” that took away some county authority to regulate landfills.

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