North Carolina Legislator Profile: Rep. Holly Grange (R-New Hanover)

In this Real Facts Legislator Profile, we focus on Representative Holly Grange, the first-term Republican from District 20. She was elected in 2016 after a contentious Republican primary decided the seat as there was no Democratic challenger. Grange currently chairs the House Select Committee on North Carolina River Quality, a committee created in the aftermath of the GenX crisis in her district. She also sits on the Appropriations on Education Committee. 

Grange’s priority as a lawmaker are clear, instead of looking out for middle class families in her district she’s protecting the wealthy and well connected. Grange’s district is suffering from the aftermath of the GenX spill, and her solution is to get rid of environmental protections for big business. She altered the language of the budget to fund a state aquarium to be built on a prominent Wilmington developer’s “mega-development.” She ran on teacher pay, but voted for a budget that failed to raise their salaries to the national average while per pupil spending has actually gone down over the last school year. Read more here.

"The idea of shutting down Chemours might make some folks feel better, but we hope the DuPont spinoff stays open as long as it's no longer taining the water." - Rep. Holly Grange (Wilmington Star News, 7/29/17)


Grange talks about her district’s environmental concerns over GenX, but has voted to reduce funding for the department that handles water permits and is a proponent of regulatory reform that protects polluters.

  • Grange said of people in southeastern North Carolina in response to the Gen X crisis, “They are afraid for themselves, for their family, for their pets.”
  • Despite Grange’s posturing on GenX, she voted for regulatory reform, protecting polluters and supports offshore drilling

Grange altered the 2017 Republican budget to fund an aquarium on private land owned by a prominent Wilmington developer.

  • Grange was accused of an ethics violation along with a Wilmington land developer over this budget provision.
  • The ethics complaint alleged “bid-rigging, undocumented lobbying and antitrust violations” in the planning of a satellite NC aquarium on private land.

Grange voted for the 2017 Republican budget that prioritizes tax cuts over funding public education.

  • She ran on teacher pay, but voted for a budget that shortchanges teacher salaries.
  • SB257 failed to raise teacher pay and allocated $45 million to the controversial vouchers program while taking tax credits away from families and teachers and gives a tax break to corporations.

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Source: Holly Grange For NC House