North Carolina Legislator Profile: Rep. Donny Lambeth (R-Forsyth)

In this Real Facts Legislator Profile, we focus on Rep. Donny Lambeth from District 75. Lambeth is a chairman of the Appropriations Committee, the Health Committee, and the Health Care Reform Committee. He is also a member of the Education – K-12 Committee and the Education – Universities Committee. Before being elected to the General Assembly in 2012, Lambeth worked for Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center for 40 years. During his career, Lambeth held 17 different job titles, including president, and saw his compensation package reach $1.2 million. Lambeth also served as chairman on the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Board of Education for 18 years. Lambeth was a “controversial” chairman, characterized as “belligerent” by some parents and teachers. Read the full profile here

“Get in touch with state lawmakers and county commissioners and urge them to support education.” – Column written by Donny Lambeth (Winston-Salem Journal, 2/10/11)


Lambeth voted against expanding Medicaid coverage after earning $1.2 million working for a medical center

  • Roughly 500,000 low-income North Carolinians were expected to gain coverage through Medicaid expansion

During his time on the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Board of Education, Lambeth criticized the lack of education spending by the General Assembly

  • As a member of the General Assembly, Lambeth has failed to fully fund education

Lambeth was a “controversial” chairman of the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Board of Education

  • Parents and teachers complained that Lambeth was “belligerent,” he didn’t listen to opposing views, and he slept during school board meetings

Lambeth has voted for multiple bills that damage North Carolina’s environment

  • The North Carolina League of Conservation Voters gave Lambeth a lifetime score of 0 when voting on environmental bills

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