North Carolina Legislator Profile: Rep. Dennis Riddell (R-Alamance)

This installment of Real Facts NC’s legislator profile series focuses on Representative Dennis Riddell, a Republican from Snow Camp, N.C., in Alamance County. Riddell was first elected to the NC House in 2012, and is now in his third term having run unopposed in 2014 and 2016. Riddell’s bid for the House was hardly his first foray into the #ncpol scene. Riddell served as the Alamance County GOP Chair and was active with the Koch-funded NC Citizens for a Sound Economy in the early 2000s.

Riddell spends his time in the General Assembly continuing to advance the Koch's national conservative agenda. He supported corporate tax cuts at the expense of students and teachers, even afterpromising ABSS Board of Education members he would stop the NCGA from cutting TA positions. Riddell supports deregulation in favor of big businesses over protecting clean soil, air, and water for North Carolinians. Read more on him here

Source: Riddell for NC House


Despite claiming to support increased funding for education, Riddell voted to cut teacher pay, per pupil spending, and teaching assistant positions while also cutting taxes for the wealthy and corporations

  • Riddell voted for the 2017 budget that shortchanged teachers by failing to meaningfully raise teacher salaries and prioritized tax cuts over funding public education.
  • In 2016 Riddell voted to raise taxes on middle class families and cut funding for our public schools, while giving tax breaks to millionaires
  • Riddell voted for the 2014 budget that cut jobs for 3,300 teacher assistants after arguing for the importance of their jobs

Riddell has a history of advocating for the Koch Brother’s agenda of cutting education in favor of tax breaks for the wealthy and big corporations and participated in Koch-funded protests at the NC General Assembly.

  • Riddell’s support of the 2017 Republican budget highlights the hypocrisy of these groups. The budget cut taxes for corporations, but failed to re-establish the childcare income tax credit that would have helped over 200,000 families.
  • Riddell supported the national conservative movement to call for a convention of the states, and compared the nation’s debt to drug addiction.

Riddell supports deregulation in favor of big businesses over protecting clean soil, air, and water for North Carolinians.

  • Riddell voted for bills that allow large-scale agriculture operations to get away with spraying animal waste on people’s homes and businesses and to allow the waste industry to do the same with “garbage juice.”
  • Riddell voted to tie minimal funding to address the GenX crisis created by DuPont subsidiary Chemours to other harmful changes to environmental protections
  • Riddell voted for the 2016 “Duke Bailout Bill,” that was “damning proof” families could not rely on the state to protect drinking water and would raise rates to pay for coal ash cleanup

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