North Carolina Legislator Profile: Nelson Dollar (R-Wake)

In this legislator profile, we focus on Rep. Nelson Dollar, the Republican representative from District 36, who has been in the General Assembly for over a decade. Since the Republicans took control of the House in 2011, Dollar has been senior Chairman of the Appropriations Committee working as House Republicans main budget writer. According to the News & Observer, “officially” Nelson Dollar “is senior chairman of the House Appropriations Committee.  Unofficially, he’s the House gatekeeper.”

Dollar isn’t just a member of the House Caucus, he also has used his position to get lucrative consulting contracts for his business. Since 2004, Dollar’s consulting firm, J.N. Dollar & Associates has received at least $735,538 in disbursements from registered North Carolina campaign committees, including disbursements from 13 state legislators while they were in the state legislature. As one of the most influential members of the House, Dollar has consistently used his platform to write budgets and policies that shortchange education. He has continued to prioritize tax cuts that benefit himself, his business, and his wealthy friends over policies that benefit working people, including teachers, families, and the elderly. Read more here.

“Most of the people who would have been covered by Medicaid expansion are ‘relatively healthy’ and could always get care in emergency rooms.” –Nelson Dollar (News & Observer, 10/14/13)


  • Dollar has consistently written budgets and policies that shortchange education at every level. Instead, prioritizing tax cuts for big corporations.
  • During the more than 10 years that Rep. Dollar has served in the legislature, he has eliminated policies that would aid his constituents
    • He advocated for cutting child care subsidies
    • He voted against Medicaid expansion
    • He supported a budget that eliminates the ability to access health insurance after retirement, for state employees hired after 2021
  • Dollar has used his position of power to benefit himself with lucrative consulting contracts.

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