North Carolina Legislator Profile: Michael Wray (D-Halifax and Northampton)

In a series of Real Facts NC reports examining key North Carolina legislators, we look at Representative Michael Wray, who has represented Northeastern North Carolina since 2005. Wray has held several leadership positions within the House Democratic Caucus including Deputy Democratic Leader. As a legislator, Wray has touted his experience as a small business owner and as someone who fights for working families. In 2014, Wray said, “I have a record of leadership, accountability and responsibility to the people I serve and the people who elect me.” However, despite Wray’s assertions about his record, he has used his time in office to get ahead, while the people he represents have fallen further behind in a changing economy. Read the full profile here

Between July 2011 and June 2013, Michael Wray bought fuel 427 times, spending $28,000, enough to travel over 100,000 miles. Wray could have traveled the length of North Carolina 178 times. 


  • While the people of House District 27 struggle in a changing economy, Michael Wray has used his office to get ahead.
  • Wray handled his own campaign’s finances and was audited by the North Carolina State Board of Elections in 2014 after spending more than $65,000 for fuel and mileage, $40,000 for meals and $5,700 for lodging since 2006.
  • While getting his donors to reimburse his mileage, Wray voted for millions of dollars in new DMV fees on folks that pay for their gas out of their own pockets.
  • Wray pushed legislation to spend millions in NC taxpayer money on a project that would boost his own property value.
  • Wray said that education cuts were “short-changing our future,” yet he sponsored legislation that made it more difficult for school systems to receive funding.
  • Wray, his family, and business associates have received $491,000 in subsidies from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Wray voted to override Gov. Cooper’s veto of H467, which would limit the amount of money neighboring property owners could receive from lawsuits against agricultural operations like hog farms that cause clouds of flies and intense smells.

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