North Carolina Legislator Profile: Linda Johnson (R-Carbarrus)

In this Real Facts Legislator Profile, we focus on Representative Linda Johnson, the Republican from District 83. One of the “top budget-writers”, Johnson serves as a chairman of the House Appropriations Committee and the House K-12 Education Committee. Before being elected to the North Carolina General Assembly, she served on the Kannapolis School Board for eight years (1992-2000).

Johnson often publicly voices her support for education and job creation, but votes for legislation that are bad for jobs and education. During her tenure overseeing K-12 budgets, North Carolina’s rankings on teacher pay and per pupil funding have floundered near the bottom of national rankings as she prioritized cutting taxes rather public schools.

Johnson has emphasized “jobs jobs jobs” in public, but voted for budget cuts that cut incentive money for jobs in her home county and voted against funding for community colleges. Johnson has on multiple occasions used her position at the General Assembly to advance the interests of corporations at the expense of her constituents. Read more about Johnson here.

“I do believe it’s time we assisted our public schools” -Linda Johnson, 5/15/17


Johnson repeatedly supported policies that are bad for schools, teachers and students despite publically voicing her strong support for education.

  • Johnson voted for the 2017 budget that shortchanged teachers by failing to raise teacher salaries and prioritized tax cuts over funding public education.
  • Johnson supported a controversial charter schools in her home county, even one that was under investigation, after previously speaking out against charter schools during her time on the Kannapolis School Board.
  • Johnson has defended a change in how North Carolina distributes funding for public schools, which negatively affected the school budget for her home district.
Johnson said that jobs were her legislative priority but has voted to cut incentive money and voted against funding community colleges.
  • Johnson voted for budget cuts that her own district by cutting incentive money for jobs.
  • Johnson voted against a spending plan that would have funded community colleges.

Johnson has repeatedly used her position in the General Assembly to advance the interests of corporations at the expense of her constituents.

  • She was named in an ethics complaint alleging that she arranged for a bill to be passed to benefit a senate colleague who was friends with a land developer
  • Johnson voted for H467, limiting the amount of money individuals could receive in settlements with hog farms, after receiving $3,500 from “Big Pork”

Read more about Johnson here.