North Carolina Legislator Profile: Ken Goodman (D-Hoke, Montgomery, Richmond, Robeson & Scotland)

Real Facts NC’s legislator profile series continues to examine key North Carolina legislators. Despite high unemployment and poverty in his district, Goodman supported policies that favored corporations over teachers, students and families. The 2017 budget lowered the corporate income tax rate, but failed to help low-income North Carolinians with things like a child care tax credit. Instead, tax cuts were prioritized over funding public schools and pre-K. Goodman has a history of votes that hurt education, helping Republicans erode teacher pay and per pupil spending in the state. While people in his district struggle to make ends meet, Goodman votes in favor of big corporations, not “main street.” Read the full profile here

"I voted conservative, and I'm pretty happy about that." -Rep. Ken Goodman


People in Goodman’s district are struggling to make ends meet, but he supports policies that have made things worse.

  • All five counties had a higher unemployment rate than the statewide rate as of March 2017 
  • Median household income is significantly below, while poverty rate is significantly above statwide levels 
  • There are more children living in poverty and more economically disadvantaged students in Goodman’s district as compared to the rest of the state.

Goodman votes for big business, not main street.

  • Goodman supported the 2015, 2016, and 2017 Republican budgets. Lowering corporate income tax rates, expanding the sales tax and increasing fees on NC families that are trying to make ends meet.
  • The state is the largest employer in Goodman’s district, but he voted to cut reitrement benefits for state employees

Goodman votes against education, helping Republicans break “a long state tradition of strong support for public schools”

  • Goodman supported Republican budgets that prioritized tax cuts over funding public education leaving NC near the bottom of national rankings in per pupil spending. 
  • The 2017 Republian budget shortchanges teachers, their pay increase is merely a “tank of gas” 
  • Republican budgets included millions of dollars for private school vouchers that benefit urban areas signficantly more than rural areas like Goodman’s district. 

Read the full profile here