North Carolina Legislator Profile: John Szoka (R-Cumberland)

This week Real Facts examines Representative John Szoka, an Ohio-born member of the Cumberland delegation to the NC House. Rep. Szoka is currently in his third term representing House District 45. Szoka is the Senior Chairman of the Energy and Public Utilities Committee and the Vice-Chairman of the Elections and Ethics Law Committee, the House Select Committee on Redistricting, and the House Rules Committee. Throughout his time at the General Assembly, Szoka has proven that he does not care about protecting working families. While working for a company that was sued for its predatory loan lending practices, Szoka has voted for multiple bills that directly target working and struggling North Carolinians. Read the full profile here.

 “There’s a larger percentage of people who work for government than work in healthcare, work in sales, work in manufacturing, or work in agriculture and that alone should tell you that there’s something wrong.” – John Szoka, currently serving his third term working for the government 


  • Szoka works for WR Starkey Mortgage, a company that was sued for deceiving consumers buying overpriced homes.
    • WR Starkey Mortgage was accused of using inaccurate credit information to get people loans. 
    • Due to the law suit, WR Starkey Mortgage had to pay damages to 171 North Carolina families.
  • Not only does Szoka profit by targeting working families, he votes for policies that keep them down. 
    • Szoka voted to slash unemployment benefits for North Carolinians, which caused 70,000 North Carolinians to lose access to the Federal Emergency Unemployment Compensation. 
    • Szoka voted to end the Earned Income Tax Credit, which reduced poverty and helped families working for low wage
    • Szoka voted to tax forgiven mortgage debt.

View the full profile here.