North Carolina Legislator Profile: John Faircloth (R-Guilford)

In this Real Facts Legislator Profile, we focus on Rep. John Faircloth, the Republican Representative from House District 61. Faircloth is currently serving his fourth term in the House. Before being elected to the General Assembly, Faircloth spent seven years on the High Point City Council and served as police chief of the city for 16 years. In his time in the legislature, Faircloth voted for the unconstitutional racial gerrymander of his own district, and Rep. Faircloth has used his position to bring unconstitutional gerrymanders to local districts in his home county. He has also supported and sponsored a number of bills that gutted protections on drinking water and has failed to prioritize public schools.

Faircloth currenlty represents House District 61, but recent redistricting caused his district to change. Faircloth has filed for re-election to the House in District 62, also in Guilford County. Read more on Faircloth here.


Faircloth voted to protect his own district with an unconstitutional racial gerrymander and meddled with local elections in Guilford county.

  • Faircloth voted for the 2011 election maps, which have been ruled unconstitutional because they contain racial gerrymanders.
  • Faircloth supported redistricting for the Greensboro City Council, later ruled unconstitutional.
  • Faircloth was the sponsor of a bill that redrew Guilford County Commissioner Districts, which resulted in a law suit. 

Faircloth has voted for multiple bills that damage the environment, including sponsoring one that allowed the continued pollution of Jordan Lake.

Faircloth voted for budgets which saw per pupil spending go down in our public schools.

(Source: Greensboro News & Record)

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