North Carolina Legislator Profile: Debra Conrad (R-Forsyth)

In the next installment of Real Facts NC’s legislator profile series, we examine Representative Debra Conrad of Forsyth County. Conrad joined the NC House in 2012 after serving 18 years as a Forsyth County Commissioner. Conrad used her Tea Party mentality to defend cuts to schools in Forsyth County long before Republicans in the General Assembly were doing the same. When she joined the NC House in 2012, she was just in time to support education overhaul that continues to hurt teachers and students across the state. Read more here.

“I was a Tea Party person before there was a Tea Party” –Rep. Debra Conrad (Winston-Salem Journal, 10/13/10)


Conrad claimed her top priority was to “improve public schools” and said she supported an increase in funding for education, but her record says otherwise.

  • Conrad spent her time on the Forsyth County Commission bullying the school board over education funding cuts, in the legislature she sponsored legislation to ban school boards from suing their county commissioners over funding
  • Conrad failed to adequately pay teachers in Forsyth County during her 18 years as a Commissioner and carried that mentality to the NC House, supporting merit pay and ending teacher tenure.

Conrad was a “Tea Party person before there was a Tea Party” who’s living political hero is Paul Ryan

  • Conrad supported aggressive budget cuts including eliminating raises for Forsyth County employees and voted against a county budget that decreased taxes, saying it did not cut deep enough
  • Conrad voted against funding for schools, libraries, and health care during her 18 years as a Forsyth County Commissioner

Conrad is anti-abortion and sponsored a bill to allow health care workers to refuse to take part in an abortion and employers to opt out of health insurance covering contraception.

  • Conrad voted for budgets that allocated millions to pseudoscience crisis pregnancy centers after voting to defund Planned Parenthood
  • Conrad supported tight regulations that restrict abortion including a mandatory 72-hour waiting period, required ultrasound reporting, and strict rules for clinics.
  • Conrad voted for a bill requiring 7th Grade Health curriculum to teach abortion as “risk for” miscarriages or premature births

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