North Carolina Candidate Profile: Judge Barbara Jackson

In this Real Facts NC Candidate Profile, we turn our attention to the North Carolina Supreme Court and Associate Justice Barbara Jackson. Jackson was elected to the NC Supreme Court in 2010 and is running for re-election this upcoming November. Before becoming an Associate Justice, Jackson was elected as a judge on the NC Court of Appeals and served for six years. Prior to her judgeship, Jackson practiced law for fourteen years, including time as General Counsel to Republican Cherie Berry in the NC Department of Labor and in the office of Republican Governor James G. Martin. Read the full profile of Jackson here.


Despite claiming political independence, Jackson is a partisan cheerleader and has received an endorsement from the Republican Party when running for a nonpartisan race.

Jackson ruled in favor of the school voucher program, which allows North Carolina to use public tax dollars to help send children to private and religious schools

  • Jackson has taken at least $19,585 in campaign contributions from school choice advocates

Jackson twice ruled to uphold partisan election maps, that the US Supreme Court struck down for being racial gerrymanders.

  • Barbara Jackson wrote the decision that allowed Republican legislators to keep private their email with lawyers who aided in the drawing of the unconstitutional maps

Jackson sided with her Republican colleagues in a dissent, ruling that the legislature should be able to strip powers from the governor. A move that only happened after a Democrat was elected to the office.

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