North Carolina Legislator Profile: Brenden Jones (R-Bladen, Columbus, Robeson)

Brenden Jones is a used car salesman whose business has faced multiple lawsuits for selling “lemons” to women. However, House Speaker Tim Moore bought his son’s first car, a Mustang, from Jones. Jones makes it clear which customers he values.

 Jones claimed to prioritize paying teachers a proper wage, but repeatedly voted for tax cuts benefitting corporations instead of paying teachers a salary on par with the national average. During his campaign, he claimed that teachers should be paid what they’re worth, but once elected stuck with the Republican leadership instead of his supposed values.

 Jones blocked an amendment that would have expanded access to health care in rural areas such as his district and voted against studying how Medicaid expansion might improve rural health care outcomes. He also voted to block coverage for people with pre-existing conditions in a move that would harm many of his constituents, including people who suffer from asthma, diabetes, or cancer.

Jones voted for a budget that failed to fund testing the rape kit backlog, further delaying justice for survivors. This is yet another example of Jones choosing Republican leadership over the needs and interests of his constituents. 

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Jones is a used car salesman and owns a dealership that has faced multiple civil suits over selling “lemons” to women

  • Jones’ only source of reported income is used car sales
  • Jones’ dealership has been the subject of multiple lawsuits regarding issues with purchased cars and unfair repossession.
  • In 2018 Jones sold a Mustang convertible to Tim Moore’s son, stating that it was “always exciting helping a young person with their first car.”

 Jones claimed to place high priority on increasing teacher pay during the election, but has continuously voted for legislation that fails to adequately raise teacher pay.

  • In 2018 the budget had included a 6.5 percent pay raise for teachers; however Democrats’ plan had allocated more and over a longer period.
  • In 2017 Jones voted for the Republican budget which gave teachers little to no raises.
  • The 2017 Republican budget did not include a stipend to aid teachers with out-of-pocket expenses; meanwhile teachers spend an average of $500 to $1,000 out of pocket on classroom supplies.
  • Over half of all North Carolina teachers have a second job; NC ranks 41st in the country for average teacher pay.

 Jones has made it harder for NC residents to access affordable health care by refusing to vote to expand access and by blocking coverage for people with pre-existing conditions.

  • Democrats attempted to amend H998 to expand Medicaid, arguing that this would also improve rural health, but Republicans, including Rep. Jones, used a procedural vote to block Medicaid expansion.
  • Jones voted against an amendment to study how Medicaid expansion might improve rural health care outcomes
  • Jones voted for the Senate version of H933 that included an unrelated provision that would have eroded health care coverage for people with pre-existing conditions

 Jones helped block funding to process over 15,000 rape kits, delaying justice even longer for survivors.

  • There are over 15,000 untested rape kits in North Carolina according to the 2017 Sexual Assault Evidence Collection Kit Law Enforcement Inventory Report.
  • Funding was not allotted in the 2018 budget to create a tracking system to work on backlog despite requests from AG Stein.

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