No oversight, no science, no problem: Republicans want to spend $1.8 million "crisis pregnancy centers"

The Republican budget would increase state funding to pseudoscience crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) by 516%. These organizations masquerade as providers of health services to women, pushing dangerous and misleading propaganda on those seeking care. It’s also notable that this significant increase in public funding comes with no mechanism to hold these organizations accountable for their actions.

The compromise budget would allocate $1.3 million to the Carolina Pregnancy Care Fellowship which describes itself as “life affirming ministries”. Additionally, the Republican budget has allocated $100,000 to Coastal Pregnancy Center and $450,000 to H.E.L.P. Center, both are known CPCs.

The Republicans have even planned to give $300,000 in state funds to a Texas-based anti-abortion group that exists to outlaw all abortions. The Human Coalition deploys internet marketing strategies to ‘make abortion unthinkable and unavailable’ by directing patients to CPCs rather than legitimate healthcare facilities, some of which are ran by the Human Coalition themselves.

Republicans pushed for state funding for Carolina Pregnancy Care Fellowship (CPCF) and other known CPCs in past budgets. Last year’s budget allocated $300,000 for CPCF. This year, CPCF is slated to receive $1.3 million in public funds with no explanation for such a significant increase.

A 516% increase in overall CPC funding is an insult to North Carolinians who believe in quality healthcare over pseudoscience. These organizations need to be held accountable for pushing misleading propaganda rather than rewarded for their efforts.