NEWS RELEASE: Health Impacts of Coronavirus Top of Mind for North Carolinians

by RFNC Staff


April 29, 2020

Contact: Daniel Gilligan: 919-275-0502

Health Impacts of Coronavirus Top of Mind for North Carolinians

Actions of Cooper get high marks, North Carolinians trust health experts over political agendas on question of when and how to begin scaling back protection measures.

RALEIGH—New polling data from North Carolina released today shows health concerns are top of mind for North Carolinians. The actions taken by Governor Cooper to stop the spread of coronavirus have received strong support from the electorate. Most North Carolinians credit the governor’s decisive actions for mitigating the spread. Only 25 percent of the population is interested in immediate suspension of coronavirus protection measures and thinks they are an overreaction, compared to 70 percent that agree with protection measures.

A majority of North Carolinians report knowing someone directly impacted by the pandemic and are more concerned about health impacts on citizens. 

Notably, 53 percent of Republican voters agree with Governor Cooper’s position on the protections. Moreover, when directly asked who they trust more to handle the coronavirus situation, a 55 percent majority select Governor Cooper/state government, compared to just 34 percent who select President Trump/federal government.

By contrast, when asked to choose between the Democrats and the Republicans in the North Carolina state legislature, there is only a narrow, 39 percent-to-35 percent, edge for Democrats. However, the main concerns for most North Carolinians is fairly similar to pre-COVID-19 with issues regarding education, health care, and jobs remaining top-of-mind.

“It’s clear North Carolinians understand the seriousness of the coronavirus pandemic and want to follow medical experts’ advice to mitigate it,” said Yang.

“The vast majority of North Carolinians support the governor’s decisive actions and are more interested in protecting their loved ones, neighbors, and communities than a political agenda that puts corporate profits ahead of people’s lives,” said Daniel Gilligan, Executive Director of Real Facts NC.

On behalf of Real Facts NC, Garin-Hart-Yang polled 800 likely NC Voters between April 13 to 18. Click here for the complete Garin-Hart-Yang polling memo.

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