New report highlights that North Carolina public education is falling further behind the rest of the country

The National Education Association released its annual report Monday. It highlights that, despite political talking points, North Carolina continues to rank near the bottom of teacher pay and per pupil spending when compared to the rest of the country.

  • Revised 2017 teacher pay ranking dropped NC to 39th in the nation. 
  • Average NC teacher salary for 2017-18 is $9,600 less than the national average
  • Per student spending for 2018 saw no change in ranking from 2017, still over $2,400 below national average

Teacher pay down from 2017 estimates:

Last year’s NEA report estimated NC would be ranked 35th in the nation for teacher pay, but revised numbers released Monday drop this ranking to 39th

NC continues to fall further behind the national average:

  • Average teacher salary remains $9,600 below the national average.
  • Average teacher salary for 2016-17 was $9,113 below the national average for that school year.

No improvement in per pupil spending:

NEA’s report estimated NC at 39th in the nation for per pupil spending, the same as NC’s revised 2017 ranking. The state spends $9,528 per student, about $2,400 less than the national average of $11,934 per student.

North Carolinians expect their leaders to make public education a real priority.

Despite what they say in election year ads, our legislative leaders have failed to deliver on their promises on public education.