New Nelson Dollar ad falsely claims he is “a leading advocate for women’s health”

Desperate to hold on to his decades-long career as a political insider and facing an incredibly strong challenger, Wake County Republican Nelson Dollar is misleading voters on his record on women’s health.

In an ad, Dollar claims he is “a leading advocate for women’s health.” However, as a key leader and main budget writer in the House, Dollar led Republicans in passing some of the most stringent anti-abortion legislation in the country.

As a House leader Dollar placed unnecessary and even creepy burdens on people seeking medical care and cut funding for basic programs:

While cutting and obstructing abortion services and pregnancy care, Dollar wrote budgets that spend millions of taxpayer dollars on “crisis pregnancy centers” that mislead people seeking care. These centers are not required to have trained medical professionals on staff, but claim to offer free ultrasounds and other services.

Dollar, who has been in the House since 2002 and has served as Republicans’ chief budget writer since they’ve controlled the legislature, faces Democrat Julie von Haefen in what is predicted to be a very close race in this suburban Wake County district.