New Court Documents Reveal Republican Establishment’s Plans to “Reinvent the Gerrymander” with focus on North Carolina

At the 2009 Republican Legislative Campaign Committee’s national meeting, Thomas Hofeller (yes, that name sounds familiar) presented the strategy Republicans would use to boost wins in 2010 and beyond, according to recently released court documents.

Hofeller’s June 2009 presentation, “2010 Redistricting: Preparing for Success,” explains why Republicans dominate the NCGA with an unconstitutional super majority. The GOP’s strategy to “reinvent the gerrymander” was successful in North Carolina.

By December 2009 the presentation included the Republican State Leadership Committee’s plans to bankroll 2010 legislative races in North Carolina, $95,000 in the House and $234,000 in the Senate. Winning key races would allow RSLC to implement its REDMAP strategy across the U.S.

(Source: Greg Flynn; Salon)

The REDMAP plan gives key insight into how Republicans have maintained control of the N.C. General Assembly. Art Pope put forth his own money for REDMAP, and RSLC sent $1.25 million to Pope’s network to elect Republicans in 2010. Pope spent around $2.2 million to accomplish that goal. 

The 2010 version of the REDMAP presentation by the RSLC further explained why RSLC targeted NC as a crucial state in which to prop up Republicans in 2010.

“What will it take in 2010? There are more than 6,000 state legislative races in 2010. If Republicans win 107 key races in 16 states we will: […] Strengthen Republican redistricting power by flipping 15 chambers from Democrat to Republican control and defending Republican majorities in 9 chambers.” 

North Carolina was one of the 16 states with key races, and one of just five states where the 2010 goal was to flip both Houses.

The same presentation went on to explain party control of 2011 Congressional redistricting and pointed out that in NC the governor has no redistricting veto. NC was ripe for the taking with no need to control the governor’s mansion to gerrymander in favor of Republicans.

Pope wrote a thank you note to RSLC leadership for 2010 wins which would “not have been possible without your leadership and active participation.”  REDMAP was in place in N.C. Court rulings on the state’s congressional and legislative maps prove Republicans enacted these plans with vigor.