NCGA Budget Negotiations Drag On: Who’s Getting Cut?

So what’s going to get cut?

  • With the House agreeing to drop its proposal to sell more lottery tickets, there is no more increased revenue on the table in the budget conference committee.
  • To pay for a teacher pay increase something or someone is going to get cut. Who is it going to be? Teaching assistants? Disabled Medicaid patients? Or will it be a surprise?
  • The hard truth is that with the GOP tax breaks off the table for debate, the state simply does not have enough money to pay for a teacher pay increase.

Republican infighting costs the state one teacher per day

  • Walkouts, sniping, bickering and no budget costs the state approximately $50,000 a day to keep the legislature open despite the fact that we’ve passed the July 1 deadline for the new fiscal year.
  • A new teacher salary and benefits costs the state about $43,000. So every day that GOP lawmakers can’t reach an agreement costs the state a teacher.

Tax cut inequity comes into focus

  • Everyone knows the 2013 GOP tax package favored big tax breaks for the wealthy and big corporations, while doing little to nothing to help most North Carolinians. But that inequity came in to sharp focus last week.
  • On July 1, the tax homeowners pay on electricity and natural gas doubled thanks to the 2013 tax law, in contrast to the $256 million annual tax break given to Duke Energy in the same bill.
  • Despite GOP claims that everybody got a tax cut, the winners and losers are clear.