McCrory’s misleads on HB2

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McCrory’s HB2 claims contain “several factual problems” and “a blatant untruth”. (WRAL, 3/28/16; Charlotte Observer, Editorial, 3/28/16)

McCrory “wrong” when he claims HB2 doesn’t take away existing rights – it strips all NC citizens of discrimination protections of any kind in state courts. (Politifact3/30/16Charlotte Observer3/23/16)

McCrory said H2 would not affect people with disabilities, but disability rights activists have “concerns ranging from housing rights to employment discrimination.” (WRAL3/28/16)

McCrory incorrectly claims no business opposition or impact on jobs recruitment despite hundreds of CEOs stated opposition and PayPal cancelling a Charlotte expansion. (WRAL3/28/16)

McCrory’s claims of business support for HB2 error prone. (WRAL, 3/28/16Greensboro News & Record, 3/29/16)

McCrory’s claim local ordinances not impacted “a blatant untruth”. (Charlotte Observer, Editorial, 3/28/16; WRAL, 3/28/16)

McCrory’s uses “cut-and-dry” answers about bathroom law changes that “ignores” “a couple layers” of this issue. (WRAL, 3/28/16)

McCrory claims education funding not threatened by HB2 but local education officials say “billions in federal funding could be affected by failure to comply.” (WRAL, 3/28/16) NOTE: Politifact rated this half-true while Virginia transgender student case was still pending but it has since been decided in the student’s favor.

McCrory claim that “it would have affected every private employer in Charlotte… contains an element of truth but exaggerates the scope of the law. We rate his statement Mostly False.” (Politifact, 4/17/16)

McCrory claims about his executive order earn “three Pinocchios” from Washington Post as “an executive order can’t undo state law.” (Washington Post4/18/16)

McCrory apologized for suggesting that Bruce Springsteen cancelled NC concert due to low ticket sales rather than HB2, a claim which earned the first “pants on fire” rating by NC Politifact in 2016 cycle. (Politifact, 5/4/16)