Lt. Gov. Dan Forest's newest baseless claim: “We’re like, the most transparent people ever.”

by RFNC Staff


Today on a Wilmington-based talk radio show Lt. Governor Dan Forest bragged about his commitment to transparency.

“We have the most aboveboard campaign that's ever existed in the history of NC. We're like, the most transparent people ever. Everything we do shows up on Facebook. So you don't have to search very far to figure out what we're doing on any given day.” - Lt. Gov. Dan Forest, 2/12/2020

His comment comes after Forest refused to return a request for public records for 10 months. These records could provide crucial insight into the Lt. Governor’s ties to Greg Lindberg, the man at the center of the bribery scandal involving the state Republican Party. Lindberg’s federal corruption trial is scheduled to begin early next week in Charlotte.

In the newest development, Forest’s top aide tried to set up a meeting between Lindberg and Commissioner of Insurance Mike Causey, the man Lindberg is accused of trying to bribe. According to WRAL, after the request, money “flowed into Forest’s campaign coffers from associates of Greg Lindberg and John Gray […] By the end of that year, Lindberg had deposited more than $2.4 million in political committees backing Forest’s current run for governor.”

Previously, Forest’s team failed to disclose ties to Lindberg until it was pointed out by reporters. Lindberg hosted a 2017 fundraiser for Forest. Forest’s team waited until 2019 to correct campaign finance reports to show contributions from Lindberg.

Forest’s claim that his team is the most transparent team “that’s ever existed in the history of NC” is baseless. With the refusal to return repeated requests for public records, the Lt. Governor’s Office has refused to let North Carolinians see for themselves what ties Forest has to Lindberg.