Lt. Dan is offended by women's underwear, but not President Trump's "history" with lingerie

by RFNC Staff

Despite co-founding a nonprofit that deducts points from companies for not “respect[ing] and valu[ing] our biblically based worldview” Lt. Gov. Dan Forest supports Donald Trump, a man who certainly would not receive a high score. Forest’s nonprofit, Faith Driven Consumer (FDC), rated companies based on their religious practices on a scale of 0 to 100. Forest’s “Christian” offense at images of women in lingerie feels disingenuous when compared with Trump’s record. A record that Forest has worked hard to align himself closely with.

According to a NC Policy Watch report, Forest’s conservative Christian nonprofit told consumers to stay away from Sears because the store’s catalogue included photos of women wearing lingerie. Forest, however, has worked hard to align his campaign for governor with President Donald Trump despite Trump’s storied history with lingerie and the people who wear it. Trump was accused of sexual assault in the lingerie department of an upscale department store in New York City, where he asked a woman to try on lingerie (in addition to several other women accusing Trump of sexual assault). Trump owned the Miss USA pageant in 2010 when he defended Miss USA sharing photos in lingerie. In 2017 Ivanka Trump submitted a trademark request for a lingerie company.

Recently, Forest bragged about a shout-out from Trump at the Greenville, NC, rally where Trump supporters shouted “send her back” in reference to Rep. Illhan Omar (D-MN). Trump also verbally attacked other Democratic women in Congress.

In 2013 Faith Driven Consumer published a 38 page “Christmas Guide.” Sears earned only two out of five stars for being a “supporter of the homosexual and transgender political agenda.” NC Policy Watch reported the Christmas Guide gave Sears an extremely low mark for having sexually-themed book titles in some K-Mart stores and because “Sears (sic) catalogues and website feature women in lingerie.” Though the Sears review is no longer online following NC Policy Watch’s report, Faith Driven Consumer still has a general ranking page for Sears, where it’s ranked at 41/100 points. The company received 6/10 in the section titled “promote or support wholesome images in marketing and culture while refraining from the promotion or support of pornography, sexual immorality or the sexual exploitation of individuals as viewed through a biblical lens.” In contrast, in 2018, Trump called Sears filing for bankruptcy “very very sad” and a “shame” and was a big supporter of Sears as the company carried Trump-branded goods.

It is sadly the new normal that someone who claims it is immoral to look at photos of women in lingerie would so desperately seek approval from a man who brags about sexually assaulting women.